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When You Accidentally Drive Into A Ditch

Week before last, we talked about not driving into a ditch. If you don’t remember my analogy, here it is: Recovery is like driving sometimes: there are rumble strips on the side of the road. (They ANNOY me!) But when my car goes over a rumble strip, it tells me to get back on track, get back in the lane.

Other alternatives include driving into a ditch, or pulling over to the side of the road and figuring out what is wrong.

Sometimes I get screwed up by other people’s behavior. They are responsible for it themselves, but I have some pretty strong reactions. (I’ll give you more irritants next week). Then I need to look at what I need. How well have I been taking care of myself? My program? Sleep? Meetings? Prayer? Yarn? Friends?

It’s hard to take time for rest and renewal. It’s hard to sit down with a trusted friend and say the truth, then listen while she tells me about my truth. It seems the time that self-care is the hardest is the time we need it most.

Four things help me with this: one is a regular daily plan of recovery activity like prayer, journaling, meetings etc. What you do every day will hold you up when things are tough. Second, it is my trusted advisers. Its real hard for me to be really honest with someone I barely know. I am better off having people I know and trust to talk to. Three is time for relaxing and having fun.

Fourth is getting enough good information in to shift my brain out of ego mode into recovery mode, Intergroup, service, helping others, these all work.

Our Third Saturday Support group is one way to re-center yourself, too.

But I am writing about this today because something special and precious to me is happening on February 15.

KIM G. is the speaker for the Third Saturday Support Group!

I have known Kim a long time and her knowledge of the Big Book and the Journey of Recovery is incredible! Please don’t miss this! The flier is attached. But give yourself a treat!

I do not want to sit in a ditch today. And I don’t want to see you in one, either.

Come get a real big dose of recovery principles!

Blessings to you,


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