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We’re Almost There!

As you read this, it should be the first of December. That means there are thirty-one days till the beginning of the new year. For me this is a special, precious and sacred time. I cut out as many of my normal work activities as possible and spend the time doing other things, which I will tell you about. This started, you know, as a deeply religious holiday. The time was set at the time of a pagan holiday so that the Christians could celebrate uninterrupted and even unnoticed. For many people, this is a time of chaos, work and worry. And now we need food to hold the pain back. Don’t let that happen to you.

All of us have Holiday memories, some good, some sad, some incredibly awful. Get whatever emotional and spiritual help you need.

But first, I want to talk about handling these Holidays.

Make a list and check it twice – both for food and for holiday gifts.

Do as much shopping as you can, online, NOW.

Set up the gatherings and conversations you really want online. NOW

If you need to see a product, like a new purse, check who has what you want before you go shopping; go at a time when the crowd will be small; and stay safely masked and protected.  Stop at Dollar Tree on the way home get the wrapping paper and boxes you need cheaply.

Decorating: Do you want the outside of the house decorated? Fine. Who will do that? I absolutely forbid you from hanging on to the downspout, or swinging from the eaves, or from sliding off the roof! Can someone in your family do this effectively and safely? If not, please hire someone to decorate the outside of your house.

Now get those you live with to discuss the indoor decorations. Let your family help decorate the inside of the house; do not do all of this by yourself, alone and lonely.

Now that you have extra time from doing your shopping online, what are you going to do with all this time between Thanksgiving and next year?

What do you Really want to do in this time? I urge you to use this extra time to create the changes you want to make in your life. Spend some time thinking about what will really make 2021 please you.

A new living room rug?

Clean out that storage closet?

Write and call the people you have missed seeing this year?

Set up the doctor appointments you have been postponing?

Go through your closet and donate all the clothes that don’t fit or you don’t like. Give them the chance to be loved by someone else.

And what did not come as a present that you really wanted? Go buy that.

And how is your food? Have you been ”slacking” a bit? What do you need to get back on track?

Do you need step work? Meetings? A new sponsor?

Do you need a new pattern of daily prayer and meditation? Do you need to find someone to help you with that?

Do you need to change your work schedule so you can live a more comfortable life?

But Theresa, you ask, you’re a dietitian! What does all this have to do with my food?

Simple question. Simple answer.  When you are deep in the food, you don’t have time, energy, or brainpower to do and create the life you really want. Stay out of the food, follow your food plan for the Holidays and 2021, focus on what you really want, and start to create the life that pleases you. I promise your life will get SOOO much better, you will never want to go back!

Make a list. What do you really want? On your deathbed, what will you wish you had done differently? Do that now. Plan it out for 2021.

I will be doing this too. There are changes I want and I want to get them this year. Be welcome to share in the comments what you are thinking of my changes.

And one more thing – I hope that all of the people reading this blog will have enough food for the Holidays, but this year there are many others who don’t.  If you can, please contribute in any way you can to your local food bank or food pantry.  If you don’t know about any in your area, please use the internet to find one.

Happy Holidays.

Blessings to you.


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  1. Celeste December 9, 2020 at 3:06 pm #

    Thank you, I will share this with my son Daniel. Have a nice Christmas. love Celeste

    • H. Theresa Wright December 23, 2020 at 6:08 pm #

      I wish you a joyful Christmas and a wonderful new year.

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