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I promised last week that this week we would talk about the HOW of weighing and measuring food. I admit to have been worrying about this blog all week, constructing and reconstructing it in my mind and arguing about what I should say. So here are my current thoughts on this, and I hope you will comment and tell me what you think.

First, the worst part of weighing and measuring is the struggle about it. To decide you are going to weigh and measure all your food can feel like a punishment – you have been a naughty girl/boy and you now must do this. That simply is not true. I will be talking more about brain neurons in future blogs, but for right here I want to say, you are uniquely you. Your body has some unique needs and sensitivities. I don’t know why for sure, but somehow there is a disconnect that keeps you from knowing what to eat and when to stop. This could be with one food, or some foods, or all foods.

You don’t have to like doing this. Acceptance is not approval. You don’t need to want this. But I want you to be really, really free of this food and eating problem, and if this is what it takes, I want to help you.

Last week I told you that these are the benefits of accepting:

You will never again have to feel sick because you ate the wrong foods and/or the wrong amounts.

Your mind will be clear and sharp, your cravings and obsessions will fade, and your body will go to its normal weight with full, shining hair, smooth skin, strong nails and lots of energy.

That is what I want for you. I also said – and this is the important part – that what I calculate involves the proportions of one nutrient to the others. When you are not weighing it is so easy to get them just a little off, and to start down your slippery slope again.

So here are three scales:

Which one will work best for you? The first one is eleven inches tall. On your kitchen counter, or if you have poor eyesight, this may be the scale that is best for you to use at home.

The middle one is flat; it is large enough that the numbers come in front of the plate. It comes in lots of bright colors. If you carry a large purse or computer bag or like the colors available, this is your choice.

The bottom one folds up. The three legs stretch out from the center, you can see the numbers with a plate on it, and then it folds into a smaller object. This is good to carry in your purse or take on a trip.

Now. Here’s how you do this with grace and dignity. You slide one of the flat scales under your plate and zero (tare) the scale.  Put the first food on it and make the weight match your food plan. Zero (tare) the scale. Put the correct amount of the second food on the plate. Zero(tare) the scale. Repeat with the third food. You are done. Slide the scale out from under your plate, and put it away.

In a restaurant, all you need to do is to ask the server to bring an extra plate with your food, and proceed as above, moving the food from the first plate to the second one on the scale. At a buffet, you can walk down the line, weighing as you go, or pick up two plates in the beginning and weigh at the table. At a friend’s or relative’s house, it is probably OK to ask for what you need. (I’m teaching a course on boundaries, be welcome to join us).

You could also have a trusted friend make up your plate; you could pick a person who is about your height and normal weight and eat what she eats. Some people notice that the palm of the hand is a reasonable size for their protein serving and a half cup is about the size of a closed fist. Once I counseled two family members; at gatherings they would each make up the plate for the other. The serious issue is managing your portions effectively.

Weighing and measuring is not a requirement for recovery. Finding effective ways to manage the food, though, is absolutely necessary. And when we non-food addicts try weighing and measuring for a while, the results are pretty surprising! I don’t know if you need to do this, but why not try it for a week and see? One of my recovering friends says this is a part of Step One; acceptance and surrender. Maybe. Please don’t let yourself view this as shameful and humiliating; for many it is the door to food freedom!

If you want to try it, fine; if you don’t fine; but please leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

Blessings to you,


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