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Hello and welcome to week 16 of the corona virus! How are you? My life has taken some twists and turns this week, and I did not have time to write the blog I wanted to write for you. So, I decided to share with you this writing, which I created for one of my courses. Each paragraph stands on its own; please cut it apart or hang it up somewhere, and let each paragraph nourish you ….. as I would like to, if this mean little virus would just go away and leave us alone! And please, don’t let this virus or all the other stuff lead you off track with your food; you are precious, your recovery is precious, and there are good things you need to be doing in your life. We need all your brain cells and all your courage and creativity, and help from the powerful positive forces of the Universe to handle these difficult situations. W.

Blessings to you,



You are made of body, mind, and spirit.

You may love it, like it, feel neutral about it, or dislike it, but your body is the home in which you live this lifetime.

Your mind is the power with which you walk through this life.

Your spirit is the part that is really you.

There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned.  In school, you were allowed to study the lesson, and then take the test.  In life, you take the test first.  Then you may choose whether you wish to study the lesson.

A lesson is repeated until the test is passed and the lesson learned.

When you find yourself in the same situation repeatedly, that means you did not learn the necessary lesson.

The value of your spirit, of the person that you truly are, is not related to your body and mind’s success at learning the lessons.

Blame, shame, guilt, and verbal self abuse may prevent you from learning the lessons.

Recovery is a process of learning new behaviors and developing new skills for handling life’s problems. Situations that look like failures are often part of the process of growth and learning.

Recovery requires a new skill set.

You must become willing to learn the skills that create, protect, and enhance your recovery in order to maintain it.

The answers to your difficulties are inside you. All the resources you need are given.  You need only to look, listen, trust, and accept help.

Beginning at this moment, you can begin to change your opinion of yourself by changing your behaviors.  Thoughts are behaviors.

What you think about, you will become.

Copyright  H. Theresa Wright 2019 All rights reserved

2 Responses to WE NEED YOU!

  1. Kara Marziali June 17, 2020 at 10:25 am #

    Wonderful message! I need to read this each day to be reminded of the healing power of recovery. I am so grateful to be abstinent and walking this path a day at a time. Thank you for sharing this positive message Theresa and for being part of my recovery journey these many years!

    • H. Theresa Wright August 2, 2020 at 11:42 pm #

      I am blessed to be able to work with you, Kara. Enjoy your abstinence and recovery.

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