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Voices In Our Head – Baby Food Addict

A client who has been reading my blogs (OMG!!) asked me this: “CEOs are fine, and so is Gertrude, but what do you want me to do with the two year old addict on the floor screaming for chocolate ice cream?”

When my children were little, I often let them sit on the counter or in a high chair while I prepared dinner. When I chop vegetables, I use a big chopping knife. It is about eleven inches long and goes from the point to about four inches wide. I chop quickly, rocking the blade of the knife through the veggies. And it is really sharp. I like it that way.

When my two year old decides she wants something, I give him/her pieces of vegetables. When he/she says. “no, no, no, no” and reaches for the knife, I tell her “No, that is too sharp for you” and if the child persists in reaching for the knife, she gets taken off the counter and put gently on the floor. There is no amount of crying, whining, or begging that will get me to give my two year old an 11×4 inch sharp knife. The answer is just no.

That’s how you need to treat the two-year-old in your brain. There are certain laws in your life. Foods that hurt your body, mind, or spirit are simply not allowed.

He/she can have hugs and Lovin’. How about a chat with a friend? How about your coloring book or writing journal? Or maybe a meeting where we all get to be honest?  How about ice cold yogurt and fruit at bedtime? How about just being honest with the babe and saying why there is none of that high calorie nutrient free food that messes up the mind and body?

Come to the reality of it. This body is sensitive/ allergic to certain foods and the health and welfare of the body require that we avoid them, and that we make certain other changes in our lives. The point is to be able to create the lives we have dreamed of, and that we will freely and totally enjoy. Let’s be happy.

Blessings to you,



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