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Virus Coping Plan

There is an old saying that unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.  Well, these are unprecedented times!  So, what unprecedented measures am I talking about?  Well, if you are like me, stuck at home, as the government has closed all non-essential businesses, then you are really looking at the things that have been overlooked for some time.

Everyone is now at home.  We are cooking and eating at home, around a table every night. We are trying to figure out how we all can work, go to school and not exceed the bandwidth or each other’s patience. This is a challenging time for all, and after these weeks, I have had enough! I have had enough about this virus on the television every hour of the day.  Enough of it in my feeds on Instagram, Facebook and in my email! I am over this entire situation already, even though this will likely go on for quite a while.

So, I want to share my game plan going forward and encourage you to steal it! 😊 My family and I are attacking this just as the government is attacking the virus.  We plan who makes lunch and dinner.  We decide all of the food we will eat for the week so that we can make only one trip to the grocery store/pharmacy. We are trying to maintain some sense of “normal.”  We all still get up at the same time that we would have to go to work or school. We try to work the same hours that we would have worked. We take breaks when we need them.  We try to respect that we are on different schedules and not to interrupt each other during “work” hours.

We have scheduled time to walk outside, in the sunshine, or around inside the house if it is raining.  You Tube has great videos for yoga, other exercise videos, etc.  Planet Fitness and other gyms are streaming classes.  It will be very easy to get into the rut of not moving – don’t let that happen!

Please do not watch all of the coverage on the virus!  My husband watches the news and keeps me up to date on what is important. I go onto the internet and look at what the weather will be; or google whatever specific news I want.  My daughter allows herself only one news cast a day either the noon news or the 6 PM news.  They tell me what I need to know.  Please pay attention to where you are getting your information from; make sure it is reliable. Limit it to once or twice a day of your favorite news cast.

I have made a list of the top 3 things that make me cringe to clean.  I set my timer for 15 minutes. I pick one and clean it! That junk drawer, the closet, my knitting. I clean, reorganize, and let things go. It helps me evaluate what I let into my everyday life.

I have decided that I want to dedicate more time to some hobbies. Use Pinterest, google or YouTube to find some things you want to try or a hobby you want to be more proficient at. Every “master” was once a beginner.  No time like the present to start.

We all know that people are home, cooped up, with family and struggles. This could cause a ton of depressed feelings.  Make a list and call people on that list.  Check in on them.  Tell them what you are feeling, I assure you they are feeling the same thing.

Make sure you are doing one self-care activity a day! Read a good book, take a bath. Sit in peace and quiet with a cup of tea.  Take a nap, color, garden, journal, do a meditation.

What kind of life do you really want? What are the changes you have wanted to make? Is it cleaning closets or preparing for a change in your career?

And the food. If you allow yourself to dive into a bowl of ice cream or a basket of chips every day, you will spend this time feeling drugged and guilty. Don’t do this to yourself! Take the steps you need to stay sane! Remember that everything you eat becomes a physical part of the body. Treat the body with respect and give it only the food that is good for it. Starting next week, I want to talk more about foods, food label reading, food choices.

Join us Thursday nights for our free sessions. The Zoom meeting information is below.

The Third Saturday Support Group scheduled for this Saturday (4/18/20) is cancelled.

I am planning to start courses very soon, on Zoom – new ones – I hope you enjoy them! May this virus be a distant memory one day.  But the choices we make in this time now, could very well lead to a better lifestyle and may bring joy to an otherwise difficult time.


Blessings to you,



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