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Today is December 13 – How are you?

There are only 21 days till the end of the holiday season for most of us, and now seems to be the most hectic time. The demands of our lives seem to be multiplying, the problems we have struggled with all year are being magnified, and time to do things seems to be running out.

I hope you are one of those people who just adores the holidays, who finds them a time of joy and celebration! You love seeing family members and friends, old and new, and you love the decorating, gift giving, joyful time. If that is you, wonderful. Enjoy.

That is not what is in my mailbox or on my phone messages. So many of us are so sad over this holiday season. The wars overseas upset us. The political situation can upset us. But that is not the real problem. The feelings in our hearts are often not consistent with the holiday.

If you were raised in a dysfunctional family, holidays may have been time of abuse and sorrow. They make us feel “not good enough”, “like a failure.” We find no love from others or in our hearts. And for years we may have eaten those feelings to make the hurt stop. But then the feelings stay within us and grow, year after year.

“I just don’t want to do the holidays anymore,” says my client.” They leave me with a lot of pain and regret and guilt for overeating.”

I am so sorry. I send you hugs and love and tissues to dry your tears. And let the tears out. Cry till you are done. Now let us look at what you need to do to survive this.

First, prioritize. What do you really want? And what are the things you do enjoy? (No, not excess inappropriate food, but I will get to that.) And what do you sorta have to get done? Could anyone help you with the rest? Could you leave some off?

Second, give yourself a break every day. Take ten minutes out just for you – smell a pine tree or pet the cat and take a break.

Third, plan. How can you stay close to your food plan goals and do what needs to be done? Where can you go to get enough support?

Exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress and boost your happy hormones. Take a walk; invite a friend to join you. Try a new class or program. Yoga on Line?  You do not need to spend 90 minutes at it, just move a little bit more.

Be sure to eat breakfast every day. And drink your water! You need to feel solid in your body. Keep it balanced and basic.

Keep up with your support groups; use zoom if you need to; try new places if you want a new attitude. Come to Wacky Wednesday or call me for a chat.

And this is a time of great spiritual significance. Whatever you believe in, take time to do the silence, meditation, or prayer that nourishes you.

It will all be over in 21 days. What do you want for day 22? Focus on what you really want, and may the Universe bring it to you!

Blessings to you,


PS> You don’t deserve to just feel good. You deserve to thrive, radiating health and vitality like never before. Let’s start that process in 22 days.

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