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Time To Put My Changes Into Action!

Welcome! Welcome to this blog and welcome to this shiny new year! The candles and lights and celebrations are mostly done now, and we can get back to a more normal schedule and life.

That works if you are generally happy with your life.

If you are not, and you want changes, how are you doing? Have you been able to maintain your changes? Is it food and have the wrong ones crept back in, quietly and seductively?

Have they stayed out, but smiled and chatted to you from the cupboard?

Have they tried to get other people to advocate for them?


At the end of last year, lots of us made resolutions. Some were realistic, some were really pipe dreams. Some will help us get what we want in life, some, we will never make.

So now, barely into the new year, let’s talk about how to really get stuff done.

First, of this list of things we would like to do, what will be helpful and good for YOU? Second, what do YOU really want? Third, what is it that needs to be done that YOU don’t feel like doing because it hurts or is hard work?

More than three changes aren’t likely, so focus on what is really important TO YOU!

The following paragraphs were written by my friend Tom Garcia. I think this is 100% the way to begin to get what I want done this year, but he says it so nicely:

“First thing in the morning I don’t bother to check email, read the newspaper or listen to the news.

Heaven forbid!

My standing commitment every morning, first thing, is coffee with the Boss, if you know what I mean. It’s a fixed point, like the North Star, in my morning routine—a non-negotiable time spent in the Presence, while the ego sleeps and the Mind is awake.

Giving ourselves time to begin the day with a calm state of mind is a gift. With no agenda other than quietly checking in, we find our way to being in-the-flow, peacefully oriented toward life. This is sacred time, in sacred space—the best way to start the day.

If you’ve been wondering what to do to improve the quality of your life in this regard, please notice:

When we are focused and clear, we are better prepared to handle upsets and the unexpected.”

I find coffee in the morning THE essential part of my recovery. This is the piece of my recovery that I must not miss if I want to create a day to be proud of. Quietly with the Boss, I can look at the problems and issues of the day; maybe I can give one or two to the Boss to handle.

Now who am I? Where am I going? Too often you and I set aside what we really need for less important pursuits. Each day just look at what is before you and compare it to what you really want.

I have three goals for this year. They are important to me The Boss agrees. In the quiet time, I need to set them out and plan ahead for the day. I need to get conscious about what can prohibit my acting in these matters and I need to make a serious decision and commitment about what I am going to do. How well I choose and how well I follow up will determine my success or failure.

As someone dear to me, Walt Hampton, wrote ”We are the co-creators of these magnificent gifts that are our lives. What will you become in this new week?” And just how are we gonna get it done?

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Please comment. Tell me what works for you – and what does not work.

And Blessings to you,


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