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The Time Has Come

Food and eating are precious gifts, to our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. In our journey into insane food behavior, (and/or other insane behaviors) we have lost the ability to recognize the true purpose of these gifts.

Recovery means that we are in the process of rediscovering how to use food to nourish us, how to avoid other harmful behaviors, and how to treat the body, mind and spirit with dignity and respect.

As we emerge from our addictive behaviors, we begin to recognize and respect the true nature and intention of food – to nourish the body, fuel the mind, soothe the spirit. It continues to amaze me how the body is able to repair, replace, and maintain itself, using the food we eat.

To maintain the process of recovery, we need help and support. We all do. No one is immune from this. This week, Allison my secretary resigned. She will be with me only till September 26. Allison was very good at support. She could handle the clients, the scheduling, the doctor’s appointments, the coffee pot, and know when to interrupt me and when I needed space.

I was feeling lost and bereft. Then a friend called. From Alaska! I had not spoken with her for months. “You have been in my mind this week – what is happening?” And we talked about the different issues and my choices. And we talked about her issues and her choices. And we both felt better.

I need support. I need people, who, when I call and leave a message, can tell if I mean “any time you are free”  or “RIGHT NOW, PLEASE!!!” I need people who know enough about me and my life and my goals to answer questions, give opinions and believe in me when I forget to believe in myself. Or when Gertrude (my addictive process) comes out and spouts her garbage.

So do you!

Not one of us can get through these life situations alone. So, take the time, at this change of season, to ask yourself, “What are my goals?” “Who do I need to help me get there?” What kind of person do I need? What boundaries will need to be drawn? What time limits shall I create? What privacy limits do I need to create? What do I want this person to do for me? What will tell me I have chosen the right person? How will I know this person does not have the ability to give me what I need?

Take the time to develop the relationships you will need to get what you really want. Spend the time creating the relationships that will work for you. If you need help, call me. And if you know someone who would like a part time job as my administrative assistant, please send her to me.

If you comment on this by email, I will move it to the website. I hope that function will be fixed and become automatic by next week.

What else would you like to hear about in these blogs? I want to tell you what I have learned about hemp seeds, green tea, and kale chips, but what else would you like to know about? Please please comment. I need support in this area too.

Blessings to you,


2 Responses to The Time Has Come

  1. Melanie Kaneff September 18, 2018 at 4:08 pm #

    How I appreciate your honesty and openness, Theresa. I know I’ve been sort of timid about trying to set goals, I think mainly because I’m afraid I won’t reach them and will be discouraged from trying at all. I know it’s all about taking one step at a time, and anticipating failure is just an excuse to stay put. xxxx


    • H. Theresa Wright September 19, 2018 at 11:04 am #

      And what we focus on is what we draw into our lives. So when I worry, and I do, a lot, it magnifies the problem for me. I daily need to use positive affirmations to keep me in the right mindset. This is hard for me, but I find it works when I can get myself to do it.

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