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The Special Airplane Snack

My daughter had a lovely trip on an airplane this week; she brought home one of the snack bags the airline generously provided. Now I am not promoting this for you at all; the purpose of this blog is to point out the huge number of ingredients (for three “foods”) and what we find in the ingredient list.  Here is a picture of what the bag contained.

Here is the ingredient list and the nutrition information:

I count 88 ingredients in this product. That is a lot, but not really because of the way the product has been made. There are pretzels, cheddar cheese squares, and bagel chips. But each of these has a number of ingredients, and there are a few extra products added.

I count three portions of enriched wheat flour with their enrichments, and three portions of not enriched wheat flour, plus torula flour, wheat gluten, and wheat germ. I count five sugars: corn syrup, barley malt extract, sugar is listed twice, and dextrose, plus malted barley extract.

We have natural flavors listed twice with natural cheddar flavor also. Paprika and cayenne pepper for a bit of a bite, and annatto extract to get the color just right.

But why do the nutrition facts say sugars one gram, 0 grams added sugar, if there are five sugars listed? Well, if the sugars are within a parenthesis, they do not have to be counted as individual ingredients, they are part of the pretzels or bagel chips.

And notice the cheese, please; it’s not really flavorful cheese and we needed to add a cheddar cheese flavor.

The calories and carbohydrate are roughly equivalent to ½ cup starch, but without enough protein, I will be hungrier real soon. The calories will be absorbed quickly, the sugars will make the body create insulin, this will make the blood sugar go down and we will be hungry again.

Please, could we have a bit of fruit and some real cheese or nuts or other protein instead?

It’s our responsibility, when we travel to scope out the timing of meals and snacks, and carry what we need, and extras, with us in case of a delay. I’m sad to see this snack product. It just gives too little.

But self-care is my responsibility. And self-care is not selfish. And I need to be clear what I want to create in my life. I saw a saying once that moved me so, it is now in my screensaver. See it below.

We have limited time. Do not waste it hurting the body. Use it in co-operation with the body to create the life you really want to have. More on this next week.

Blessings to you,


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