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If you want real freedom from the food obsession, you need to change how you eat. And you need to find a way of eating that works really, really well for you. And you need to control your quantities and change the proportions to match what your body needs, not what your addiction wants. And you need to consider your weight, your particular form of eating disorder, your medical problems, your work schedule and lifestyle, the people you eat with, the people you cook for, and the social obligations that you are expected to handle. It’s a big job.

One of the most difficult parts of recovery is the issue of weighing and measuring. We feel embarrassed, as we do with committing our food, and do not want to share how much we eat with others. I promise, committing your food, and weighing and measuring it, are two of the most reliable tools for creating abstinence from inappropriate eating that I have discovered in the last thirty years that I have been doing this work. So please let me show you the principles of how to handle this.

1) Mother Nature did not plan for foods to be weighed and measured, so the measuring is not able to be perfect and consistent.

2) A cup of water weighs eight ounces. A cup of anything else weighs a different number of ounces.

3) Vegetables all weigh different amounts. A cup of collard greens, for example, weighs 1-2 ounces; a cup of carrots weighs about 5 ounces, depending on how finely it is sliced. And vegetables shrink and gain weight when they are cooked, from absorbing water.

4) The point is to get it done quickly, easily and accurately. Not to get it done perfectly and with everyone’s attention.

5) This is a part of surrender to the idea that you need to make changes in the way you eat.

6) We are not about deprivation here; the purpose is to recalibrate your eyeballs so you get the right PROPORTIONS of the different foods

7) Your eyeballs may never recalibrate. Or they may for some foods and your addiction may screw it up for other foods.

8) Weighing and measuring stops the chatter in your mind about whether the last meal was enough.

9) Weighing and measuring plus the right food plan will take your body to a normal weight.

10) If volume or restriction are an issue for you, weighing and measuring helps you get the right amount of food.

When you are making a casserole, or when you used to bake, if you ever did, weighing and measuring is an acceptable part of the process. When you are weighing and measuring what you put in your body, though, it feels unnatural. But how many times have you been on a diet and measured? And found it not enough? And struggled to make it to the next meal?

And how many times have you struggled after a meal? Did I eat enough? Will I be hungry? Was that enough? Should I eat more? Should I have eaten less?  And have you ever worried yourself about it for so long that you actually had a binge?

And please remember that your sensations when you were in your addiction were either stuffed from a binge and feeling guilty or starving from a diet and feeling guilty! Or annoyed with yourself. Or ashamed. Or hopeless. Or angry. Never comfortable, satisfied, happy.

Weighing and measuring takes the guesswork out. I want my clients to have a food plan that does this reliably:  you are a little hungry about ten minutes before eating and satisfied when you are done eating.

Your perceptions, in the years you have been struggling, have been distorted. Now they are inaccurate, and you need to be recalibrated. Now how to do this easily, quickly comfortably?

Get a scale that works for you. That you can put your plate on and still see the numbers. (We sell a great one in my office; it even folds up to fit in your purse easily!)

Put the plate on the scale. Hit ‘Tare‘ to bring the number to zero. Put the first food on the plate. Weigh it. Fix it if it needs it. Hit “Tare” to bring the number back to zero. Put the second food on the plate; get the right amount. Hit “Tare” again to zero it. Put your third food on the plate and continue the process with each food till you’ve got all the needed foods on the plate.  Now slide the scale out from under the plate, fold it up, and enjoy your meal. In a restaurant, just ask the waitress for a clean plate when she brings the food. When she comes back to see if you are enjoying your meal, ask her to wrap the rest. It’s done. No nonsense, no hassle.

I had to make 12 hamburgers tonight. I wanted 12 four oz. burgers. I started with about 60 oz meat. I seasoned it all, then made 12 five-ounce globs. I weighed them as I made them. Then I formed 12 burgers. No problem. “Here, Honey, grill em up!” Twelve 4-ounce burgers right here.

I always weigh lunch and dinner when I pack food to take to the office; if I don’t get enough I will be starving all night. And I hate that.

The real problem is the surrender. You don’t want to let others know what you eat; you have been doing a masterful job of it (is that why you are still 75 lbs. overweight?) You don’t want to have a scale control your portions. You have been too hungry in the past. You want to lead yourself to freedom, not more restriction.

I promise you, this is the path to freedom. Finally, you can know how much the body needs from your food plan, and by weighing and measuring you can provide it. You can use the scale to move your body to your normal weight. You will always have enough and you will never have to worry or struggle about it again. Won’t that be a treat?

Please write a comment.  I am eager to know your thoughts about this blog.

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  1. Matt June 19, 2018 at 3:01 pm #

    I’ve been working a food plan and weighing and measuring my food for almost 30 years. I’m at a healthy weight, and it has remained consistent +/- 10 lbs. the entire time, and for that, I am truly grateful. No matter how busy or crazy my life gets, my food plan has been sane as long as I’m willing to do what I need to do. Since my food has been stable, one day at a time, it has allowed me to use the 12 Steps to get some sanity in the remaining areas of my life. It does work if I work at it!

    • H. Theresa Wright June 21, 2018 at 1:27 am #

      You are SOOO right;this is the recovery process. I am so glad for you.

    • H. Theresa Wright August 29, 2018 at 9:17 pm #


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