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The Last Weeks Of The Year

This week’s blog may seem a little different to you; I’m not really discussing food very much, and a lot of this is my own personal beliefs and practices. After the new year, we will get back to how to cook vegetables and follow a food plan, but for now I thought this was more important. Take what works for you and leave the rest, please.  For myself, I will be taking the last two weeks of December off for my peace and freedom. There WILL be a Wacky Wednesday on both weeks and I look forward to seeing you then.


There is a time for everything. If you look at the seasons – spring means opening and growth, summer – flowers, fall- changes. And winter?  Well, this winter is unique. And some parts are greatly changed. For many of us winter is a sad time, a time of hibernation, of getting rid of the items (and people?) no longer needed or wanted.

So, let’s take this time to look at what we want in our lives and what we would like to change, or be rid of. Let’s start looking at our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviors; the things we have and don’t want, the things we don’t have but want very much to have, and want perhaps to create.

Look at the various aspects of your life.

What do you choose to let go of to make room for what you really want in your life? What is too precious to let go of and needs protection?

Do you want: More smiles?

More happy thoughts?

More reasons to be happy?

Clothes that fit?

A better job?

Freedom from certain thoughts?

Freedom from certain behaviors?

A cleaner house?

Solving the food problem?

A closer relationship with the Powers that Rule the Universe?


Time off?





A stronger direction for your life?

With the help of COVID-19, much of the events of the next four weeks may be canceled or rescheduled. Take this time for yourself. Time for you and you alone. Not your mother-in-law. Not the folk you “ought to …”.

Time for YOU. Not the addiction in your head. Not the “squirrels on steroids” that run screaming through your brain.


Take a deep breath and relax now.

Think Hope, Dreams, Happiness, and Courage.

Look at your life. Make a list like a little kid for his birthday. What do you really want in your life? What have food and other diversions taken away from your life? What would make your life better?

A new home?

A new car?

Relief from the food struggles?

A reorganized closet?

Something fun?

If you don’t know, that’s ok. Stay in the project. Keep focusing.   Regularly bring yourself to this time of peace and quiet. Listen to your Inner Voice of Wisdom whispering to you. You know what you want. If it is not possible, what is the better, finer, most possible thing that you can reach for.

Rest, rest, rest, rest, rest.

Write, write, write, write, write.

Listen, listen, listen, listen to your heart.

Listen to your inner core of wisdom.

Write your plan.

Rest, rest, rest.

Listen, listen, listen.

Say thank you.

And I send Blessings to you.



Don’t forget to come to Wacky Wednesday! 7 PM

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