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The Fateful Day

Sometimes, change is quite easy and pleasant. Other times it is difficult to expensive to terrifying. The movers are here today, Tuesday, as I write this, to the office I have loved for sixteen years. I could not have imagined the intensity of my feelings as I sorted packed and tossed an office worth of books, papers, notes. The good and the bad, the useful and the hopeless, all together.

Have you been to my office: Do you remember the tables in the conference room? They are about 7 feet long, they’re beautiful, they fold up, and are perfect for a barbecue or church buffet. And the 12 identical chairs that stack up on each other so they take no room at all? And the sweet little IKEA sofa and chair – amazingly comfortable. And a bunch of glass vases, cups and other serving ware too. I cannot fit these into my new office and I so deeply want to find a new home for them. Please call me if you know anyone who could use this (they are free if you take them away); they just do not deserve to be tossed away.

Now a special treat for you; my friend Molly Painschab is letting me reprint one of her writings, instead of the blog this week! So here it is! Enjoy!

Sugar Sober Support: This past week we talked about what we were willing to do for our recovery and serenity!

  • Freedom isn’t free- and neither is recovery/serenity. We have to be willing to work and pay the price, every day. It has to be the most important thing!
  • We learned about the acronym AEIOUYG. We are willing to eat 3 meals a day, plan/prep/protect our food, shop for groceries, give up baking, work through emotional labor, do step work.
  • We talked about being willing to have compassion, make connections, find community, get coaching, and cook our own meals. We are willing to participate in daily meetings, meditate, allow ourselves to grieve, and even take our recovery on vacation with us!

Did you Know: Serotonin can affect your satiety/appetite regulation and subsequently your body weight. Low serotonin leads to increases in inflammation and cortisol levels – both of which make it harder for our body to use fat as fuel. Low levels are associated with increased sugar cravings. Insufficient serotonin could cause sleep disturbances which activates our ‘feel hungry’ or ghrelin hormone at odd hours. Visualize twisting and turning in bed for hours to finally spring out of bed exasperated and raid the fridge for a meal.

Tool of the Week: Hierarchy of Values

We all have values that motivate us, whether we’ve identified them or not. Chances are that you haven’t recently thought about your values. The Hierarchy of Values (HOV) will help reintroduce what is most important to you.

Start by writing down as many of your values as you can think of. There are no right or wrong answers as these are very personal. When you have written as many as you can, group them into main categories, ultimately narrowing your list to five.
What did you come up with?!?! LET ME KNOW!

I hope you enjoyed this! You can reach Molly at  Thank you, Molly for your help.  Please keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts this week; I hope to be back close to normal next week.

 Blessings to you,


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  1. Edward Rubin September 14, 2021 at 4:35 pm #

    Theresa, Good luck with your move. In my town we have a Facebook Group “Buy Nothing Sharon”. I live in Sharon MA . People in town share items they no longer need .

    • H. Theresa Wright September 28, 2021 at 11:42 pm #

      Spectacular! Wish they did that here!

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