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During the summer when everyone is going on fancy vacations and you aren’t, take a vacation from yourself.

You may not be able to go away physically but decide to change your mind and change your thinking – and your habits of living – just for one week – and take a break from the noisy negative thoughts in your brain.

  1. Change your habits of thought. Eliminate all resentment, criticism, and condemnation of yourself and others, no matter how rude or deserving they are.
  2. Change your habits of eating. Include some new food choices that you have not been eating and drop some old ones.
  3. Keep your prayers fresh, new, and simple. Get away from the usual phrases and affirmations.
  4. Rearrange your order of work at the office.
  5. Resolve any old grievances.
  6. Reorganize recreation and leisure. Add some new pastimes and eliminate the old ones. Try reading another newspaper and get acquainted with other magazines than those to which you are accustomed
  7. Drop all cares and worries about politics, business, and the world situation. Somehow the world will manage to struggle on without you.

This is adapted from Stake Your Claim by Emmet Fox, ©1952, pp72-73

After a week of this vacation from yourself, you might like the changes well enough to make some of them permanent!

The most important thing we do for ourselves is to take care of ourselves. We can wear ourselves out taking care of others, but taking the time to do what is needed to give ourselves a break this summer is more important than anything else we could be doing, because this gives us the power to take care of others better. And things that fill up your inner spirit, that leave you feeling content, joyful and rested are the most important.

So, treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, and/or massage. Go for a walk or a bike ride in nature. Play with little children in your family, laugh with your friends, sit outside and enjoy the breeze, take an hour to curl up with a good book, just take time to cherish what you love.

Be welcome to comment; tell us how you restore yourself.

Blessings to you,




  1. Cari Heumann August 7, 2018 at 1:16 pm #

    Theresa, thank you so much for this blog. It serves as a wonderful reminder for me that I must consistently focus on self-care, gratitude, maintaining positive thought patterns, and doing fun things that I love! In addition to many of the above mentioned activities, I find that music really restores my soul: singing, playing piano, going to a concert, and just listening to my favorite songs bring me a feeling a contentment, satisfaction, and rejuvenation.
    It’s so easy to let negative thought patterns take over! Thank you again for this guidance and the reminder of how important it is to do the things that nourish our spirits and our minds.

    • H. Theresa Wright August 16, 2018 at 1:13 am #

      We are body mind and spirit. And yes I agree we must nourish all three. thanks for writing.

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