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When I started to talk with people about addiction to sugar and refined foods, many years ago, folk said I was nuts. That it was impossible to be addicted to sugar because you must eat to survive. WOW. The world has changed! But the world still does not get it that we need to put highly nutrient rich foods into our bodies, that the artificial man made “edible food like objects” that we have been eating are not good enough to maintain the body in health and normal weight. There are lots of choices out there for support in your travels, but I want to show you a few.

This is the link to a video. It is by Florence Christophers. It is such an excellent video that I wanted to share it with you. The Summit is going on now. Hurry if you want to join, but don’t miss the valuable information in the video. Here is the link:

And next is a book called THE FIX FOR CRAVINGS BY Cynthia Myers Morrison, EdD and Dave Avram Wolf, MS, RD (Look! another real RD who agrees with me!) If you want clarity of mind and freedom from brain fog, and lots of other good stuff, look it up. (Published by Xlibris, or at Amazon). (Be careful with Amazon; they have lots of other ideas on there that are not good for us!)

And more support comes from Milestones on Sunday and Monday at 6:30; just google them for passwords or try Meeting ID: 601 302 4979 Password: Milestones at

And join us for Wacky Wednesday, from 7 to 8:30 pm Wednesday With Theresa Meeting ID: 818 2596 3923 at

These are all free.

Our Holiday Survival Program starts next month; I’ll send more info next week!

For ALL of us, we need extra support at this time of year, and any time our recovery feels fragile. Please call for help when you need it. I am glad to talk with you.

I love being your dietitian, I believe in you, and I want your food freedom more than anything!

Blessings to you,


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