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Suggestions for………..”I DON’T HAVE TIME!”

We all say it and feel it once in a while – “there is so much going on in my life, I just don’t have time for me and for what I want to be doing!” So…here are some suggestions.

Please take this blog with a grain of salt – or maybe four or six grains.  A family member has told me that there is not an organized bone in my body – and she is right! So, I will be practicing these thoughts and ideas with you!

Think about what you really want. Find a way to keep that thought foremost in your mind.  It’s time to prioritize how you spend your days; because how you spend your days will determine how you spend your life. Get a bit arrogant and determined about this; you have the right to decide how you will live your life.

Change something in your daily environment. If your nails are always done in a French manicure, choose a hot red. If you always use your phone, put a rubber band on it. Change your screensaver. Set an hourly alarm. Do whatever you must to interfere with your daily thought process.

Now each time you notice the change, state an affirmation or prayer: “I want to get this weekly blog up and running.” Or “God, please get me abstinent.”

And look at the basic productivity literature but adapt it to your situation.

1) Get rid of the trash and the easy stuff first. Spend ten minutes doing only those things that take only one minute to handle. Now your brain will be running in fewer directions.

2) Only deal with something once. How many times has something got to come up on your desk or phone before you handle it? Each time you look at it or think about it without doing something about it, wastes your time. Do it, schedule it, delegate it, or toss it – now.

3) Make a distinction between what’s important and what’s urgent. Ask yourself, “How will I be harmed if this does not get done now?” Notice I did not ask how others will be affected; it is time for you to look at how you will be harmed.

4) Learn to say “NO” with grace and compassion. Seriously look at how you say yes to things you think you “ought” to do and no to the things that will really make your life better.  Practice saying no to the “oughts” and making it stick at least once a day. Practice saying “yes” to the things that lead you to what you want, lots of times each day.

5) Make the small changes that will make you feel better, NOW. Send the castoff clothing to the thrift store, toss the magazines you have not read for six months, clear out the clothing you dislike, organize your desk in a way that pleases you, and give yourself space to work.

6) Set aside a bit of time to not multitask!  Give yourself a segment of uninterrupted time to do the one most important thing, which your heart wants to get done, today. Turn off the phone, shut down the email, and just focus on that one most important thing you need to do. Then notice how good it feels to accomplish the important, and how much more energy you have for the mundane.

7) Plan to spend ten minutes a day following up on that huge project you really want to accomplish; then set aside more time as you need to.

8) Slow down. Give yourself a break during the day. Go outside for a ten-minute walk in the parking lot or down the block; watch something silly on you tube if your work allows, walk upstairs to the next employee’s cubicle instead of sending that email.  You will come back to work with a clear head and feel more productive.

9) Set up your food so that following your food plan doesn’t aggravate you.  Plan it ahead, order the grocery to bring it to you, set up several meals at a time, plan enough for leftovers, choose your favorite foods even though they cost more, and give your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy and serve you well.

10) Take care of yourself first. Do the things your spirit needs to feel whole and happy. Put aside the anger, resentment, emails, multitasking, and “urgent” issues and give yourself the space to get connected to the real you – to do what you love and enjoy this precious day of your life.

Blessings to you,


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