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I have struggled with what to write on this blog all week, and I finally realized why. It is because I am struggling with other things in my life and they are unfocusing me. Once we realize the problem exists, we can name it. Then we can notice that the problem does not destroy our whole world today. Now we can move on to handling the mental exercises that set us free.

First on the list for me is always the “ANTS” Automatic Negative Thoughts…..these are habitual thoughts that sort of pile up in our brains and take away our success or our enjoyment of our success. One of those for me is that I will never be able to do the writing I want to do. 😊 Well here I am folks, writing just what the ANT told me I could not do. Of course, this is the best way to handle ANTS – do it and prove them wrong, then spend an evening telling them how wrong they were.

The next worry is that you won’t like or value these blogs. Now worry is a funny thing, we go back and forth with it but it never gets resolved. It seems like we are doing something, but we are not taking effective action. In the meantime, the problem never gets resolved.

My clients always worry about their food. Will it be enough? Will I really lose weight? It seems like so much food! I can’t weigh and measure – people will think I am nuts! I cannot go to this event looking like I do!

We spend so much time and energy struggling that there is no energy left for us to enjoy our lives.

Here are three suggestions for staying on your food plan and not worrying: One thing that works best for me is making lists. I list all the good potential, and all the bad potential is not allowed on the same list. There is a second list for that. And a third list for things I need to do.

Now take those first two lists and do one of two things with them. Burn them or pray over them, or both.

Suggestion 2: Do all those things on the first list. You will feel like you have accomplished a great deal. Clean something, de clutter something, Organize something.

Suggestion 3: Take action. Talk with your trusted advisers about the problem. Or ask yourself what part of your program has been slipping a bit? Shore it up. Or do you need to clean up something in a relationship? Do some step work? Write out your feelings and talk with someone skilled?

And one bonus suggestion that always works for me – I pray and ask my Higher Power what He would like me to do here. I rarely feel like I got an answer, so I ask my Higher Power to send me his angel. She has a basket. I put the worry in the basket, and she latches it and takes it up, up and away to my Higher Power to be taken care of. Now it is no longer my responsibility.

So now, what do you think of this? And what is the one thing about food, eating, or body weight that troubles you the most? Please comment and tell me what food questions you have and we will take this blog back to the food!

Blessings to you,



  1. Cari Heumann August 14, 2018 at 1:31 pm #

    Theresa, thank you so much for these blogs! I always find them to be of value and the variety of topics you write about is so helpful to me!
    My biggest concern regarding my food and eating, has been that I still often get cravings for foods that are not safe for me. I have been abstinent for quite a while and follow my food plan as accurately as I can. I have come a long way. I have released quite a bit of weight and my overall goal weight is in sight. But, I am still concerned about the future. So…thank you for your blog this morning. This definitely helps me realize the ANTS and what I can do to manage them!

    • H. Theresa Wright August 16, 2018 at 12:02 am #

      You are welcome, Cari! Keep on exterminating the ANTS! Seriously, though, cravings are often feelings in disguise. Check for the feeling or the memory.

  2. Anne Osada August 14, 2018 at 5:27 pm #

    Thank you Theresa … once again, your blogs are timely and so helpful.


    • H. Theresa Wright August 16, 2018 at 12:00 am #

      You are so welcome! I am glad you like them!

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