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Support Groups


Participation in our Abundant Abstinence support groups, held in ten-week segments, year round, help you achieve abstinence which we believe creates the freedom from your obsession and struggle with food.

These forums support your ability to achieve the recovery you deserve.

Abundant Abstinence I and II…

…are support groups designed to help you examine and begin to resolve your problems with food and eating. The program is designed to help you create your own concept of abstinence, manage daily food planning and stop destructive food behaviors as you begin the recovery process.

Abundant Abstinence III, IV, and V…

…offer added support for those already creating a joyful and useful life while maintaining food abstinence. Group members are those with eating disorders such as compulsive eating or food addiction who practice a prescribed food plan and may be active in a twelve-step recovery program. Discussions are steered by group members in accordance with their individual food interests and struggles.

For More Information…

…and to register for group participation, please call Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc. at (610) 275-3699, or email us at