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Seminars, Workshops & Retreats

H. Theresa Wright, MS, RD, LDN, Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc.’s founder and recognized dietitian and pioneer, speaks at professional conferences on a regular basis. As a widely acclaimed dietitian specializing in food addiction, obesity management and weight loss, Theresa offers engaging and innovative presentations. Her reliable information, practical advice and wealth of nutrition and recovery knowledge have helped thousands of individuals develop and sustain successful eating programs.

Under her direction, Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc., provides half-day to week long workshops and seminars throughout the year to help participants effectively deal with food issues that are often associated with compulsive eating, obesity, eating disorders or food addiction. The seminars, workshops and weekend retreats are offered at a variety of locations and can be customized for individual group needs. Programs are also available for professional organizations with some offering Continuing Education (CE) credits. Professionals including nutritionists, psychologists, physicians and other health care professionals are on board to offer the wide variety of nutrition topics addressed in these diversified programs.

For a complete listing of Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc.’s current programs click here or call (610) 275-3699 for more information or to arrange a program at your location.