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Individual Nutrition Counseling Sessions


Through one-on-one phone or in-person counseling—with your own private nutritionist—
you will comfortably and confidently determine a way of eating that will work for you.

During private sessions, we’ll assess the problems food gives you, when they started and how they manifest themselves. We’ll review what has and has not worked and the problems that interfere with your ability to change and transform your relationship with food.

Together, we’ll create a unique and individualized food plan, taking into account your body composition, structure and metabolism, lifestyle and food preferences, as well as your personal goals related to food. From there, we help you create a recovery program that will transform your relationship with food.

Through this individualized attention, you’ll learn to change your food choices, adopt new food-related values, and create nutrient-rich, satisfying meals and snacks. Most importantly, you’ll be empowered to easily and comfortably follow a food plan that will enable you to develop and sustain an eating recovery program that works for you.

Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc. is a safe place, where you can transform your relationship with food.

Gently and lovingly, this transformation begins with our widely recognized nutrition counseling services designed to help you release yourself from the bondage food has created in your life.