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What Is Sane Food?

What Is the Sane Food Solution?

Sane food is part of a process designed to help “restore us to sanity.”

Sane food focuses on meeting the needs of your body, mind and spirit. It’s a return to healthy eating which eliminates those foods which can cause problems with obsession, cravings or the inability to stop when you’ve had enough. By meeting your body’s nutrient needs, you will feel and look healthy, strong and energetic. It encourages brain function – increasing your memory, learning and decision making power.

The sane food approach used by Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc. involves whole foods, real foods which are processed as little as possible. It does not include “man-made foods” or “edible food-like objects”. It meets the body’s nutrient needs while transforming the body to a normal weight. Sane food can give you the body and the life you really want.

The Benefits of SANE FOOD

When you are abstaining from problem foods and eating in a sane way, you are relaxed and comfortable with meals and eating. You have few cravings, generally feel satisfied, healthy and energetic. Emotionally, you feel your feelings and are able to use appropriate skills to handle them. By eating sane food you can continue to enjoy your life and your eating recovery program.*

What is a FOOD PLAN?

A food plan is a simple list of the kinds and amounts of foods you will eat; how much and at what time of day you will eat them. In our office we create individualized food plans with our clients. At Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc. we carefully tailor each food plan to meet a persons’ nutrition goals and food preferences. We teach you to use the food plan to better manage any medical issues you might have including diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. We take out all of the foods that cause you problems and we focus on the foods that will meet your individual nutrient needs and goals. Our food plans will help lead you to a normal body weight and freedom from obsession and self-destructive eating.

Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc. Helps You Manage Your Personal Sane Food Plan. We also provide the support to help you follow your customized food plan. Whether you require sugar-free, flour-free foods, or dairy-and wheat-free foods, you’ll learn to comfortably and confidently plan and cook all your meals and snacks. You’ll also learn how to avoid foods that trouble you. From proper label reading to spotting inaccurate food marketing, we’ll equip you with the information to become a more informed consumer.


At Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc., we believe that recovery from food addiction is a process that begins with abstinence** which is achieved by following an abstinent food plan. This provides freedom to those struggling with compulsive overeating, food addiction or other destructive eating behaviors.

We encourage a structured process to recover from painful emotional issues that living with your food addiction has created. All this will help you create the life you really want. Our programs, support groups, and workshops will help you learn what to do and how to do it to finally be free of the obsessions and struggles with food and find long term freedom and success.


Abstinence frees you from the obsession with food and is the first step in your recovery from your food addiction and eating problems. Abstinence means your refusal to continue to eat the foods that make you sick, that make you crave and obsess, that make you think about food all the time, that make you want more and more when you know you have had enough. Abstinence removes the foods from your life that cause you problems, so you can begin to solve your real life problems. It rewards you with the joyful, meaningful life you have always wanted.