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The Sane Food Solution – O Means OPTIMIZING

The purpose of The Sane Food Solution is to OPTIMIZE your recovery process! Now whatever does that mean? Sane Food is a process of setting up your path to health and wellness to give you the results you want: peace of mind, freedom from obsessions and self-abuse, and ability to create the life you really want.

Sane food begins with a food plan. Alcoholics start by not drinking alcohol. A commercial diet program sells you their food. This looks like it is the whole solution, but really, it is only the BEGINNING. Then what? Too often, weight loss and similar food programs focus only on their food plan but do not move forward through any real transformational program. Too often, food just hides the real problem. Following The Sane Food Solution food plan and doing the rest of the work you may need, will give you the ability to transform your relationship with food, and lead you to peace and freedom. You may not need much extra work; perhaps most of the problem is the food. That’s fine.

But often I speak with clients who have been in different kinds of programs for years, but are not able to maintain long-term success, weight loss, or sanity. In other programs, too, there are people who cycle through the recovery process and the relapse process; they swing back and forth and struggle endlessly, never moving forward and never getting to peace and freedom.

I often ask these clients what kind of mental and emotional and behavioral work they have done. Most of the time, the client has not done any of that.  I think this is why some people have so much difficulty maintaining their behavior changes – the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that drove them into the food have not been handled, so they recycle back and use a more familiar coping mechanism.

Anne Katherine (author of Anatomy of a Food Addiction and many other books) defined relapse as the return to an earlier way of coping. When you do not have the skills or the support to continue maintaining your food plan, you are likely to go back to using the behaviors that worked in the past – abusive eating.

Optimizing means finding the way out. It means getting rid of the emotional and physical problems that bind you into repeated failure. It means being set free of guilt, shame, and self hatred. It means finding and allowing the kind of support you need. It means becoming the person you were destined to be.

Speaking very simply, bad feelings can act like toxins. Sometimes it feels like toxins are stored in fat tissue. When we lose weight, the toxins are released. That is why we regain the weight again and again. The answer is detoxification. Clear the toxins and set yourself free. The Sane Food Solution is designed to teach you how to do that – how to finally grow toward and become the complete person you have always wanted to be.

We will optimize your recovery program on an individual basis, if that is what you will need. If you like, we can collaborate with therapists of many other disciplines to connect you with whatever help you may need.  You will find our Sane Food support groups especially helpful for supporting you in this process. You will choose the changes you wish to make, in the way you wish to do it. You can do this and we will stand by you every step of the way.

Please join us on this HEALING JOURNEY.

What is optimizing for you? What help do you need? Call or email and tell us.

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