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The Sane Food Solution – O Means OPEN

Open to changing as needed. Here is a bit of advice from someone I greatly respect:

Be open. As you start to peel away the layers of your former self, not everything will make sense to you. Suspend judgment, be open, and be willing to not know. You may be pleasantly surprised. If a message mystifies you, just be with that.

The Sane Food Solution is a process that BEGINS with a food plan. It does not, it cannot, and it must not end there. This food plan begins a process in which you GROW BEYOND the need to use food abusively. You solve the problems in your life and open yourself to guidance from other people and your own inner core of wisdom.

As you follow a Sane Food plan, you may find that many of the reasons you ate badly or inappropriately will come to the forefront of your mind, thoughts, and feelings. You may have the sense that you cannot survive without your special foods. You may have the feeling that you cannot resist using the food. You may have the feeling that you cannot deal with whatever it is.

You can do this. Renaissance, like the butterfly’s chrysalis, is meant to be a safe space where you can transform your relationship with food. But, unlike the butterfly, you will not be alone. We will help you open your mind and heart to a different way of handling the thoughts, feelings, and memories.

As the caterpillar’s food is different from the butterfly’s, your food will change as you change. Be open to trying new foods and new ideas.

Many people realize that they need help from other people and from a spiritual connection, from their own inner core of wisdom. What is an Inner Core of Wisdom? Your Wisdom Within. In some places it is called God, Spirit, Higher Power, the Universe, Abbah, Yahweh, Allah, or Buddha, Prime Creator, but all those words imply religion. This is not religion; it really is your spiritual connection with your real self…. the person you want to become.

Your Inner Core of Wisdom is the wise man/woman who lives inside you. That still small voice that says, “NO! Don’t do this again!” when you reach for your troublesome foods. It is your inner longing to become someone or something you have always wanted to be but haven’t yet.

It is the caterpillar’s longing to transform herself. It is your long-lasting, deeply held, sometimes barely understood or acknowledged person who is really truly authentically you. You may be seeing glimpses of this person from time to time. This is the person you want to be. The Sane Food Solution asks you to be open to becoming that. Or whatever else you want to develop into. It does not mean you have to be any one thing, and it does not require you to grow in ways that lead you to a place you don’t want to go. But it does ask you to let go of issues from the past, and grow beyond the need to hurt your body, mind, and spirit with food or thoughts or other drugs.

Open yourself to the idea that others can help. Accept the fact. Unlike the Monarch, the help and support of others is essential. Be open to changing your behaviors and letting your behaviors change your thoughts and feelings about yourself.

The Sane Food Solution will set before you a simple bag of behavioral and emotional tools. Try them out. Use them until you can use them well. Use the ones that work for you, as you need them. Give us who have traveled this path the chance to show you the way.

Yes, of course, it is scary. But how often have you used a GPS to get to an unfamiliar place? What makes you trust this inanimate object to take you where you want to go? Will you please allow those of us who have traveled the path to guide you? I have guided many thousands of people to freedom. Let me teach you how to do this. Like the Monarchs, we can travel together some of the time, till you are ready to soar.

Please join us on this HEALING JOURNEY.

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