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The Sane Food Solution – N Means NUTRIENT-RICH FOODS

In 1964, I began my freshman year at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. I had wanted to be an electrical engineer, but my Daddy told me girls could not be engineers, and, at that time, good girls listened to their daddies. So I picked the most scientific part of Home Economics (an appropriate major in my Daddy’s eyes) – nutrition – and thought I would just start there and figure it out as I went along. I took my first nutrition course and I fell in love! I became endlessly fascinated with the way the body digests, absorbs, and metabolizes food, and then uses the food we eat to repair and replace and maintain itself. (I remember the giggles when I said to a professor, “You really mean that the chicken I ate for dinner last night could become my eyeballs, or my liver, or my fingernails?” And the professor said, “Yes, exactly so.”)

This upended everything I thought about the world. That the body has the wisdom and knowledge to maintain itself on what I eat? There is a repair schedule for all the body tissues? That my choice of food changes how well my body works? Miraculous.

Many times, people come to me with hair loss, dry skin or rashes, fatigue, brain fog, menstrual abnormalities, loss of libido, or difficulty losing weight. They also may demonstrate prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, irritable bowel disease, or other autoimmune disorders. All of these issues can be caused or worsened by inadequate or inappropriate nutrient intake.

Your Sane Food Solution food plan, or any other plan you choose, has to be able to meet the body’s nutrient needs, help you deal with many of your body’s struggles, and free from the additives, toxins, and allergens that hurt the body.

Knowledge about the body keeps changing and growing. Some may disagree, but most researchers think that 60 to 90 nutrients and natural elements are needed for the body’s health and well being. Add to that protein, fat, other minerals, and fluids, and you can see that your food intake does more than keep you from being hungry; it actually keeps the body healthy.

The nutrients in the foods you eat dramatically and sometimes permanently affect the health and well-being of the body. A food plan that does not meet the body’s nutrient needs will make it harder to follow, because the body will feel starved, and you may feel fatigued, or you may stop losing or gaining weight, or you may have other symptoms.

The right food plan will make your body healthy and strong and energetic. It will help you meet your life goals. That’s what The Sane Food Solution will do for you.

Join us on this HEALING JOURNEY.

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