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The Sane Food Solution – F Means FREEDOM

Freedom from the foods and behaviors that harm you and cause or support your self-destructive food behaviors is vital to your recovery. Plain and simple, it is time to stop hurting your body, mind, and spirit with foods or thoughts or anything else.

Early on in The Sane Food Solution process, people often say to me things like,

“Really? You mean you want me to NEVER eat this food again?”

“I don’t think I know how to live my life without……….. food.”

“My life would not be worth living without…….”

“That food is what lets me make it through the day.”

More than one client has begged me not to “take away” certain foods. This excessive reliance on one food or another means the body and brain have adapted to using the food for a purpose other than nutrition.

For a person with food allergies or sensitivities, or for a food addict, any object inserted into the oral cavity can become a drug of abuse! For each person though, the “problem foods” or “drug like foods” may be different. Are the foods that cause trouble for you primarily:










Dairy Products


Other Sweeteners


Creamy Textures

Crunchy Textures

Chewy Textures

Volume – just more!


Or is it a combination of two or more of these – ice cream, for instance, can be sugar and fat, perhaps with chocolate, perhaps with crunch, perhaps with creamy or chewy textures.

And too often, these harmful foods masquerade as healthy foods – sugar-free ice cream, some protein bars, and fat-free salad dressing?

If a food sets off your cravings, it needs to be put in time out till we can see if it will behave itself. If it won’t, then it needs to stay out of your food plan. Any food that looks or acts or crunches like your problem foods also needs to be released – if potato chips are a problem for you, then corn chips, veggie chips, and lentil chips will also become problems.

In general, people with these issues need to avoid artificial and man-made foods. If, reading the ingredient list, you cannot visualize the foods in a product, if the product did not exist before man built a factory in which to make it, if it advertises itself as a diet or weight loss or other “special” food, or if you find yourself thinking about when you can get the food, planning purchases to be sure you have enough, and craving extra amounts, then the food is likely to be a problem for you.

Manufacturers take liberties with their food labels. For example, there is no pasta that is not made from flour; the manufacturer buys the grain in its whole state and then dries it, grinds it into flour, and processes it to look like a healthy food. We will teach you to read labels more effectively and to understand what the symbols mean.

Again, this is about FREEDOM, not deprivation. This is a physical allergy to processed, man-made, or genetically enhanced foods. Probably others in your family of origin have it. It is not your fault. You never asked for this. You have not been able to control it. We can teach you how.

Food sensitivities and addictions and other food difficulties are hard to move past, but the rewards are enormous. In the beginning, food changes may feel difficult. Putting down your problem foods – we call them drug and trigger foods –  allows you to grow beyond the need to use them, and that’s the real answer. The Sane Food Solution will move you to a place in which you will be SOOOOOOO grateful to have the life you have created, that you won’t want to risk messing things up for a protein bar or an ice cream cone!

Please join us on this HEALING JOURNEY!

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