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The Sane Food Solution – E Means EFFECTIVE

Your food and recovery plan must be effective at meeting your goals. Whatever your goals are, we want them to be met and met completely and well.

But what are the goals you are most likely to be reaching for in The Sane Food Solution?


YES! …Maintaining your normal weight is a primary goal! Getting your body to the healthy weight it needs to be is an important and urgent matter for you and for me!

But you deserve to have more than just weight loss, or gain! You deserve sustainable weight change; that means you lose weight or gain weight, as you need to, at a healthy rate, that the body can tolerate and then, that you can maintain your normal weight, comfortably, long term.

And NO unexplainable cravings or obsessive thoughts about food. Finally, peace of mind!

More than Weight Loss! I hear it many times a day. Yes, whatever you weigh and no matter how many pounds you have lost or gained, it feels like not enough. And there is this body part that just annoys you; it changes the kinds of clothes you can buy and it keeps you from feeling really comfortable in your body.

Even though I know from experience that if I could change or remove that body part, things would not feel that much better for you, I also know that this issue has real meaning for you and that it is a matter we must address.

What is the real issue with you and your body? The Course in Miracles says that the body is given to the mind as a tool for learning and growth. The body is to be the servant of the mind and to help the mind carry out its daily duties. What is the connection between food/eating/body weight and the mind? The body will not defy the mind or disobey it.  Has the food and eating been a way to handle feelings or issues that the mind is unprepared to tolerate? Is there a way that a certain body shape protects or strengthens or encourages you? Is the body weight or shape a way of expressing a message that cannot otherwise be expressed?

So, to be effective, your Sane Food Solution will need to address all these issues. In the beginning, we make a careful and specific assessment of your history and current situation just for this purpose. What are your primary goals? And what does the body need to be able to cooperate?

Has your way of eating allowed toxins to collect in your muscles and joints? Do we need to detoxify these before we can proceed?

What other issues need to be addressed? Do you need to gain muscle and organ tissue? Do you need more strength? Are your fingernails dry? Brittle? Breaking? Is your hair thin, flat, or falling out?

How is your energy level? Do you prefer to take a nap or run a marathon? If you want to run a marathon, you need a food plan to support that. If you are tired all the time, we need to help you have enough energy to enjoy life.

If you are pregnant or nursing, we want you to have enough calories to make a healthy baby, and enough Mommy Milk for the baby to grow well and strong while you get back to your normal weight.

And, if you are over 55, we want you to be able to maintain your muscle mass and strong bones and clear thought patterns so you can enjoy this stage of your life too.

Whatever your personal goals, your recovery program should help you reach them. And then it should take you beyond…. beyond your wildest dreams. Join us on this HEALING JOURNEY; let us help you transform your relationship with food. Let us lead you to health and safety and freedom.

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