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The Sane Food Solution – D Means MAKE YOUR FOOD PLAN DELICIOUS!!!

Everyone who has had long-term problems with food struggles with planning, purchasing, and preparation. There is lots of questioning, bargaining, struggling, and deprivation.

Some people say we should keep our food really, really simple, and that is true for many in the beginning. It feels safe and it feels almost virtuous! Then it may get boring, dry, tasteless, and dull.

As with any other part of a personal change program, there has to be a balance. At times, when you are struggling with a difficult situation, or just rushed, you will eat the plain and simple foods. You want to go back to the plain and simple and easy and safe. And that’s okay.

But at another time, a part of you will get really tired of bland and boring diety foods! “I want flavor! I want sauces and seasonings!  I want texture! I want color! I want beautiful!  I want variety!” I agree.

And I want food to be a comfortable, rewarding part of your day!

And I want you to know how to make, handle, and adjust those condiments and sauces in ways that won’t trigger your physiology.

I know well enough that some people can “Adore” or “Make love with” or obsess about their condiments, their food, and their meals. That’s not what I am suggesting here. I want you to be able to handle chili and stew and mixtures of foods without worry and chaos.

How many times have you been on a diet and had such boring, tasteless food that you could not wait the weeks till the program was over to get off the stuff? Or those powdered miracle-working drinks and bars and other foods – they tasted great the first time you ate them but now they taste like sawdust – or something more unmentionable – in your mouth?

That’s not acceptable to me. That’s one of the things that make a diet a diet. (Remember?  I have stated many times that a diet is a temporary period of starvation followed by a weight gain of 20 pounds or more?) You need enjoyable foods and meals. Yes, you may have to put a bit more effort into food preparation; but trust me, we will teach you, and that will become automatic after a while.

Now all of us have favorite foods. And in this process, there may be some foods you just do not like. I will tell you I hate HATE HATE the taste of coconut! If you like it, enjoy! If you ask me to eat it – no way!

You are allowed your preferences, and you are encouraged, yes, even urged, to try new foods. And I want the new foods you try to be tasty and interesting, but not triggering. The Sane Food Solution will help you find this balance.

Won’t you please join us on this HEALING JOURNEY named The Sane Food Solution?

Please let us know what you think of this. Comment below, call, or email. We want to hear from you.

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