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Rumble Strips

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”….. Wayne Dyer

Interesting idea. My perception of an object or situation can change the outcome.

If I look at abstinence as a diet, a period pf starvation where I give up all my favorite foods and – in addition – do all this crazy weighing and measuring and phone calling and meeting stuff, it feels like restriction. Deprivation, Handcuffs.

But whenever I come to this place:


The change most often is going to be to a situation I have never dealt with before. And I may have to learn new skills. Like driving a car – or learning to knit – or learning to use a power drill – or changing my life – I have to learn the skills – and I may not always be perfect at them.

Like when I am driving down the road and I hit the rumble strip and the car shudders at me – well, no big deal not an accident, not a big problem, let me just get back on track here.

And when you start a new food plan as part of your program of abstinence – because you don’t want to eat that way anymore – there are lots of big and little changes to be made. Between you and yourself. Between you and the food. Between you and the others around you. And you need to give yourself time, at the beginning, to decode what works and what does not work, and what changes you need to make. This is not restriction; it is rebalancing. Not deprivation, but setting aside the foods and behaviors that keep me stuck.  Not handcuffs, but redirection.

If you keep looking at your food plan from the restrictive deprivation mindset, you live in resistance and resentment. If you struggle with the food and the confusion, this makes things harder.

If you come to be able to read a label and choose a food well, you can keep the foods that will not work for you out of your food plan. Then you will be free to follow the rest of the program, and I hope, find food freedom.

So next week I want to begin with reading food labels, a task I know you enjoy. And then I hope I can help you find new ways to enjoy your foods and meals.

This week, I am challenging all of you to take Wayne’s advice and change the way you look at things, so the things you look at change. I hope it makes a difference for you, as it did for me.

This can help in all you do, and I hope it will.

Blessings to you,


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