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Your Personal Food Plan Guide – 2nd Edition


Your Personal Food Plan Guide – The Sane Food Solution® 2nd Edition is a sane, easy-to-use, gentle guide to creating a food plan that really works for you. It describes a food plan system for recovery from food addictions, from all addictive and compulsive eating behaviors, and from sensitivities to refined, processed, and man-made foods. It is sugar and flour free; wheat and other allergens are indicated.

The 2nd Edition provides updated information from the latest nutritional research, and includes new chapters on things like celiac disease, wheat vs other flours, and beans, nuts, seeds, and lentils.

Your Personal Food Plan Guide is meant to be used with support from Theresa or others you trust, and with a 12 step or other powerful support system.



  1. Debra Credendino

    I haven’t received mine yet
    I do not have a support system will this book still work for me? Otherwise, I can’t afford to spend the money on it
    Thank you

    • H. Theresa Wright

      Dear Debra; This book will help you know what to eat and how to choose, weigh, measure, allocate, and handle it. For support, would you consider the group I teach on Wednesday night? It is free, and it might help you. Or call me for other suggestions.

  2. Carole Ann Bersano


    • H. Theresa Wright

      Hi Carole Ann;
      Will you please call and speak with Jen? 610-275-3699.
      Or you could try me at 610-996-9393, but my schedule is chaotic this week.

  3. Carole Ann Bersano

    I am delighted this book is finally out. I am eagerly awaiting delivery, with review to follow.

    Thank you carole ann

    • H. Theresa Wright

      I am so excited to have the food plan book published. Now I can get to work on my next book! I hope you love this one!

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