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Plan For Changes

Today is November 8. We made it through All Saints Day and All Souls Day and we have fifteen days till Thanksgiving, till the chaos begins. Do not waste these days. Use them to access your power,

What do You want to accomplish in your life? In these holidays? In the next 53 days till the new year? How do you want to be when 2024 starts? What change do you need to make? Are 15 days enough to start?

For me change is the most difficult thing. To change my routine, my activities, my hours at work, my relationships, this is really, really, difficult. Some of the things we need to change, we have been doing daily for thirty years, and deciding to change these is a painful process. And I can forget, or go back to the old ways, or lose some essential part, and it seems like too much work and struggle to continue.

But the first part of change is the decision to do something differently. The Decision needs to be specific, and measurable and desirable. I need to commit to it, plan out the changes, and focus on the behaviors.

So, looking at just the next 15 days, and thinking about what we would like in the days that will follow, what would you like? What would make your life better, that you can control or do? Use this as your planning time. What do you need that will make the rest go smoother? Do you need:

More rest?

A different spiritual practice?

Different meetings?

More support?

Changes to your food plan?

Exercise? Maybe a calming yoga class?

Emergency Road Service?

More time to relax?

To plan and order the stuff you will need?

To draw boundaries with others?

Look at these two weeks as a precious gift – time to plan and prepare. Freedom to decide what you want or need to make the holidays a time of emotional and spiritual growth, and to choose how you want your life to change and get better. Who do you need to help you? I am here, but I too will be taking some time off, as will the rest of the world. So, plan this time so you can get what you need when you need it. Tap into and acknowledge Mother Nature’s cycle of transformation. This should be a time of peace, to reflect, re-invent, re-evaluate, and choose the plan we want to work with.

Make the first changes small and easy. Set it up so you are reminded of the change – by your phone, schedule book, or computer if need be. But set it so you cannot forget or lose track. And make it little enough that it feels ok to do it.

First: Plan the easy, ordinary stuff. Between now and January 2, 2024, what are the regular appointments and things that need to get done? Haircuts? Nail appointments? Grocery? Shopping time? House cleaning? Kids’ school projects or events? If it needs to be done between now and November 23, put it on the books! And another list for November 24 to December 31!

Time to do this! I will be taking some days off to give myself time to do the planning and preparation that is needed. What do you need to make things go smoothly?

Second: January! What appointments – medical or social, spiritual, or professional will you need in January? If you schedule them now, you can get the time and day that is convenient. What else must be scheduled?

Third: Support, Rest, and Spirituality. Are there special meetings or events you want to attend? Do you need to get some time off work? Is your abstinence fragile? What kind of support will help? Will there be events and gatherings that you need to prepare extra support for?

I’m sorry but I need to say this:  processed, man -made, high sugar, and your favorite drug foods from childhood on, will abound in the next 53 days. Exactly how will you protect yourself? So, look at what are the situations and barriers that stand in your way. Focus on what you really want. (Yes, the addiction inside you wants your binge and drug foods. Just say NO.) What does the Real You want to start in the next two weeks? Focus on your Real Goals.

This is the time to recharge and redirect ourselves – to take the time to calm down, settle in, and do the things that lead us to our goals. This is a transition time – a time to set aside our routine activities. We must start looking for more profound ways of honoring the space between letting go of the old and embracing the new. For those seeking a spiritual connection during times of transition, the world’s wisdom traditions offer rituals rich with meaning.

Each of us is unique and powerful, in our own way. We must look inside and access our intuitive power and wisdom to connect ourselves to both the world around us and the world within us. The rituals of this season empower us, because through ritual, we can be the catalysts that bring forth healing and change in our own lives. That is the goal.

So, use these two weeks to focus on making the healing and change you want, possible. Please don’t let THE FOOD get in your way. Begin today. Yes, we may have responsibilities to others who are precious to us. We need to focus and plan how we will handle the holidays in a way that leads us to peace and food freedom. Yes, there may be problems with time, energy, and people. We need to plan for them and set up solutions and situations that keep us out of the food. But please don’t let this time pass without planning for enjoying your life in recovery.

And you have heard me repeat my father’s voice so many times – if you aim at nothing you will surely hit it.  So, tell me, tell yourself, tell your loved ones – what is the change you want to make between now and 2024? What do you really want and truly need in your life? What will get you that?

Next week I will have some lists of strategies for you. And if you need strong support, Emergency Road Service starts November 22. I started this program years ago, when clients asked for serious support to get through the holidays safely and abstinently. If you are interested, just call or email us for information.

Now, focus only on what needs to be done in the next fifteen days. Make a list, check it twice, ask for help to get it all done on time, ask for help from the Wise Woman Within, and let’s aim for a joyful holiday season!

Blessings to you,


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