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Today as I write this it is Saturday, December 21, 2019. Today is the Winter Solstice – the darkest day of the year, when the Northern Hemisphere of our planet is at its farthest from the sun. It means cold and darkness. The early pagans were afraid that the sun was dying and they did many sacrifices and prayers, dances and other offerings in the attempt to make the sun come back.

Today we see the solstice as a very special time. You should be feeling different in your body today, because as the moon affects the tides and the oceans, it also affects our bodies. (If you gained weight, this is why.) Winter Solstice is a powerful transition point between the seasons.

This time is believed to hold a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection.  PLEASE take some time this week to think about what is going on in your life right now and what you want. The winter solstice is a time of quiet energy, where you get the opportunity to look within yourself and focus on what you want and need. It’s a great time to examine and let go of our past, and to look at making changes within ourselves. The solstice is essentially tied to a personal awakening. What message do you think this past year was trying to send you?  Write it down and send it to me here or privately.

And what is there in your life that you want to get rid of? Write it down, and then burn it so it will be out of your life. Light some candles (not food-flavored please) to warm the darkness of the night. Spend some time with those you love, and give yourself some time for renewal.

Tomorrow starts is Chanukah (or Chanuka), also known as the Festival of Lights, an eight-day observance of the victory of the Maccabees over the larger Syrian army. It also celebrates a miracle that happened during this time, after the rededication of the alter where just a day’s supply of oil allowed the menorah in the rededicated Temple in Jerusalem to remain lit for eight days. I wonder how frightened the people were as they watched the candle and the oil. Would there be enough? And if there wasn’t enough, what would have happened then?

This could also be also a time of rededication and redirection of our spirits, if we wanted that. While Hanukkah is a minor holiday in the Jewish tradition, its significance, as their Higher Power’s caring for them by allowing the lamp to burn for eight days, not one, makes me wonder – are we missing an opportunity to allow the forces of the Universe (or Higher Power) to provide for our needs?

If we look at things across time and religion, during Hanukkah, the Jewish people looked at the oil each day, the pagans feared the sun was dying, in Catholicism, they pray “give me my daily bread.”  What if we too, looked at each day? Focused only on today, or if it is night now, tomorrow. One 24-hour period. Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow.

Soon we move to Christmas, a season of joy. I am hoping this blog reaches you very soon, and that the Christmas blog arrives close to that special day. In any case, may all the joys of the season be yours, and may all your problems be lifted.  Enjoy each of these days and allow yourself some time to bring yourself closer to whatever Power you trust and believe in… and take some time to do what you really enjoy.

Blessings to you,


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