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Today as I write this is November 14, and the chaos has begun. I spent the weekend in North Carolina and my niece’s wedding. I came home to the beginning of the Christmas chaos. The ads, the songs, the grocery, all are looking forward to Black Friday and a precious Christmas day.

Every year, this comes upon me unexpected. Earlier than I had planned. With more to do than I wanted. With little space for the time and focus to enjoy.

First, professionally, I will be here through November and December, but I am restricting my hours so I have time to do as I wish with friends and family.

Second, if you are struggling, I have the greatest program for you. It is called Emergency Road Service! It begins on November 22 and goes till Jan 3. It is a powerful force of a program that will help you handle the holidays with dignity and grace, and, hopefully, allow you the ability to enjoy. Please register NOW.

Third, the Wacky Wednesday free evening programs will continue through the holidays. If you need generous gentle support, here it is.

Fourth, stop, look, and listen. Depending when you read this note, there will be about 47 days left. It may seem like the chaos goes on forever, but there IS an end. Think about January 3. How do you want to feel then? What will you want to have accomplished? Who will you want to have spent time with? What will you have most enjoyed? Plan these things now.

Fifth, is this a holiday that has a spiritual significance for you? Then take this opportunity to really enjoy this special, spiritual experience. Plan now for the spiritual time you will need. Write it in on your calendar so you can keep that time sacred.

Are people the purpose? For those we know and love, plan now to put time for them in your celebration. For many of us, people are the purpose. There are some people we want to spend more time with, and some folks we could do with less of. For others, having peace and solitude is more important. Whatever matters to you most, plan for it. Reach for it now.

Honor your own needs. That may mean saying “No” to what some people want. It may mean negotiating changes in traditional activities or foods. Take time for extra rest, down time and sleep. Simplify what you can. Plan ahead; ask questions of your friends or relatives so you know what to expect.

Don’t allow yourself to over schedule, or be uncomfortable. Leave a party or event early if you feel tired or uncomfortable. Plan ahead; find out what foods are available; do what is needed to take care of you. Take your own car so you can leave early if you need to, or stay later if you want.

Now here is the flier for Emergency Road Service. If you are interested, call the office TODAY; there are only two weeks till it begins!

EmergencyRoadService 2022

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