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Hello! Did you miss me last week? I was so busy. But we have a new secretary! Amanda will be in the office from about 9 am till 1 pm every day. Please be patient while we get her trained. But ask her all the hard questions, so she gets to find the answers and learn the office quickly.

Thank you for sending your friends to talk with me and to do the new programs. Now there are three! I’ve never taught three at once before. I am so grateful for your trust in me.

Please remember that our price increase takes effect on December First. We have not raised prices for four years, and now is the wrong time, but I can honestly say it is necessary. If you’ve been putting off an appointment, now is the time.

Now for our regular blog……………………

As the season changes, we hope it will get cooler and we know it will get dark earlier. How does this change your life and your food plan? For some of us it doesn’t; for others it is a big change. Please pay attention to meeting the body’s needs; work on getting time to rest and sleep. Work on looking forward to the holidays you celebrate and what needs to be prepared ahead.

I always think of this beginning of October as the change of season and the beginning of the next season of my life.

I believe that when we treat others with generosity and love, this makes us both closer to our Higher Powers and makes our lives go more smoothly, and lets us grow and change.

This has been a difficult 2022 for me so far, and even for the world, with inflation, the upheavals of war and societal uncertainty, and for you with your own struggles. Our recoveries are being battered by circumstances beyond our control.

So take a breath. Stay with me here a minute. What is the one thing you could increase that would make your life better? Add some exercise? Add some prayer? Add some vegetables? Add a phone call to someone who understands? Do the laundry? What is the one thing you can do today to make life better?

We only have today. Yes, we can look at the rest of the year, and I want us to, but what is it that could be done today to make things a tiny bit better? And ask yourself this same question tomorrow. “One Day At A Time” can make an amazing difference in your life.

And as we look ahead, Rosh Hashana will likely be past before you read this, but so many of the Christian, Jewish and secular holidays are concentrated in the next three months! What do you need? What do you want to create? In this short time till the end of 2022?

Let us focus on what we need to do to help create a happy and healthy holiday season …. may these three months become a time of good health, tranquility, grace, peace and love for us and for the world we live in!

Blessings to you,


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