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More Help For The Holidays


Ok, we are halfway through the holiday season. Did you receive our Holiday Survival Guide? And the recipes? I hope they were helpful to you. If you didn’t, just call or email us for a copy.

The holiday chaos continues. The lights are up all over the place, the craft aisle at Michaels is a disaster, all the good bargains seem to be gone, and your feet hurt. The folk at work are plying each other with all sorts of goodies.

Take a minute with me here to stop and listen. What’s going on with your food and recovery programs? Are you still on track? If you are, wonderful! Kudos! Take a deep breath. Which part is really helping you the most? Keep doing that.

If not, let’s look at what is going on. First off, remind yourself, this is not forever. In 18 to 21 days, this will all be over and everyone will be back to themselves again. Relax. You can survive this.

My friend Marty uses the acronym SERF to describe recovery programs.

When you are struggling, you need to look at spirituality, exercise, and rest as well as food plan. So take a minute and relax with me here. Tell yourself what’s really going on. Now I know it’s true, this is hard to do in the middle of the chaos of the season.

But what needs to happen, here, is to take a good look at what’s going on and how to handle it. How can you get back on track? What will really work? Do you need to delegate some matters to other people? Do you need to simplify? Are there feelings coming up that need attention? Are you giving to yourself as much as you are working on giving to others?

Understand, in the middle of all the eating cues, it’s gonna be hard to stay focused and stick to your food commitments. It’s easy to get distracted and think, ”Just this once.” Which is never once. It always grows.

So let’s focus on what we can do. Take three deep breaths. Relax. One of the suggestions was to take a daily break. Give yourself the time you need just for you. Take a little ten minute time to relax. Decide what you really need. How about scheduling something you love – like a haircut or a spa day? Or the Eagles game?

What is important is that you enjoy the holiday without hurting the body. So do what ever it takes to make that happen. Find a path – it’s somewhere among planning, preparing, processing, simplifying, supporting, and spirituality – that leads you to what you really desire.

I’m available if you want to chat – I’d love to hear your comments.

Best wishes and blessings.

And join Marty – and maybe me – on the 17th of December for Support Group! You will be glad you did!


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