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Happy New Year! I hope this season of celebration has brought you great joy and wonder, and the sense of being loved and having your rightful place in the world.

The tsunami of gifts, and parties, and difficult-to handle foods is now ending and we can hopefully get back to our usual, normal lives. And enjoy some peace and quiet?

Not for me. As I go back to my normal stuff, I see so much that I want to change. I want to organize all the papers I wrote names and phone numbers on, of people to call, and I “reorganized” them. In the process I took a few hours to look up the addresses and phone numbers of people I wanted, and got distracted into looking at a few websites that were irrelevant and unnecessary, and now I have an even bigger and messier phone call list!

And of course, I managed to forget to pay the phone bill!

If I look at what happened last year, I see a certain commonality with what is happening now. I was disorganized and distractible (for good reason, mind you!) and now it feels overwhelming to do all these things.

Then as I wrote that, I got a phone call from someone who was injured in an auto accident and from her hospital bed, wanted to know how to change her food plan. It made my mental chaos come to a complete halt.

I had forgotten the gratitude!

For the husband who has loved me for about 59 years. For the children I have loved and enjoyed for 50 years. For the spouses of my children, who make them happy. For the grandchildren who delight me weekly if not daily. For the friends, teachers and program members who support me. And gratitude for you, my wonderful clients and blog-readers, who honor me daily with your trust and care.

And I had forgotten my goals!

There are things I want to do this year. When I look back at last year, there are some things I liked and some things that did not work well for me. There is only one person who can change my behavior – that’s me. But what I want to be looking at more carefully is HOW to change the behavior. As you very well know, any change in my behavior will affect other people’s behavior.

Let me tell you what I intend to do, and ask if you want to join me.

I think the most important thing any of us can do for ourselves is better self care.

What do we need to think about for taking care of ourselves better?

My hair and nails and toes appointments are already scheduled. As are 9 doctor’s appointments(!)

Now what? I need time for exercise. And I need more time with the folk who take me seriously and love me unconditionally. And there is a family member in a bed in a hospital that I want to be present to.

And there is George…. you remember George Burns from Oh God! I liked him so much I am making him my Higher Power for January. What will HE want?

And I want a new prayer and meditation schedule.

And what about you, my clients? I want you all to be healthily, sanely abstinent all year long. So that means more programs and support groups and retreats. Well, that would mean you have to come to them. That means I need to figure out what you will want. (OK, that is too much work.) What if I ask you to call or email me and tell me what you would like? What do you dream of? How could we fix this? What would really help you? Please, I want to hear it.

And what I really down-n-dirty want? Peace. Peace of heart. Peace on earth. Peace in my soul. Freedom from pain and illness and surgeries. Just peace.

Wishing some for you, too.


2 Responses to IT IS OVER!

  1. Jan Switzer January 12, 2024 at 3:16 pm #

    Always love your posts, Theresa. Peace to you and yours this New Year.

    • H. Theresa Wright March 18, 2024 at 9:34 pm #

      Thank you so much! I am glad to be of help!
      Have a wonderful 2024!

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