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It Is December 21, 2023

Today, in all the chaos of Christmas preparation, I was deeply inspired by Walt Hampton’s blog. He so often tells me just what I need to hear and want to say to you. (  Hope you enjoy my thoughts!

Its dark. Really dark. And cold.

This is the turning point.

For centuries, man has feared the darkness of the night and the sadness of our souls. We have tried any and everything to take away the negative feelings. Little has worked.

We reach for the traditions and they no longer have meaning. We have tried many liturgies and many celebrations; some have gone well and some have disappointed us.

For a fraction of a moment, today, the world will stop, shift on its axis, and turn to the sun.

Hooray!! Let’s make this our turning point.

We have spent weeks stringing lights, buying gifts, wrapping presents – and struggling with other people, other ideas, other hurts, other evils, and even with food, eating, and body weight.

Are you exhausted, frustrated, lonely, sad? Or happy, proud, and free?

Do you love this time of year or hate it?

For me, this holiday is bringing clarity about how to proceed with my life. It is showing my successes and failures to me and asking me to make choices and changes that are long overdue and badly needed.

But just for the next five days, may we set aside the anger and the sadness? May we look for hope and peace and joy? In seeing the things, we want to change, let’s try to see the good that will come of it. In seeing the things that are loving, hopeful, and good, let us cherish and enjoy them. In seeing the things we cannot change, let us accept their existence as we send positive energies into those situations to try to heal them.

Let’s take time to rest and be present with those we love. Let’s take time to do the things we enjoy and cherish the things that are precious to us.

Let’s plan carefully for the changes we know we need to make in the new year, and let’s rejoice in our clarity, ability, and determination to make them.

Blessings to you,



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