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I Get So Tired of Plain Water – What Else Is There To Drink?

Last week’s blog was about drinking enough water; and it was my second blog about water this year. My intention is to go through all the food groups one by one and to talk about healthy and not so healthy choices

Today though I have to talk a bit more about water flavors and adjustments.

First and easiest …… lemon, lime, mango, or orange pieces can be put into your water to flavor it. Try other fruits as well, the ones you enjoy, but no nibbling please.

Second are all the enormous varieties of herbal teas. In my office I make iced tea for programs. My clients’ favorites are Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry, Peach Passion, and Chamomile Mango. Six tea bags in 2 quarts of water for an hour in the refrigerator and you are good to go. Sometimes we can put half tea and half sparkling water or seltzer water in the glass to make a drink that fizzes.

And please experiment with the wide variety of herbal teas, served hot, that have great taste and are calorie free.  I have been especially using Yogi’s Stress Relief Tea!

And you may use flavored seltzer water as well; be sure they haven’t added an ingredient you are avoiding. Mixing seltzer with ice tea makes a neat drink, too.

Plain carbonated water won’t make you gain weight, but it’s important to note that not all carbonated water is created equal. While carbonated water is just water plus air, some bottled seltzers contain flavor enhancers like sodium, natural and artificial acids, flavors, sweeteners, and other additives. All of these could contain hidden calories and extra sodium. Also, these additives can lead to cavities and weight gain over time, so read labels and be sure you are not getting one of your trigger foods. Some authorities suggest that 16 ounces of a popular bottled “diet” beverage may contain 12 to 14 servings of artificial sweetener. That is just too much for anyone to drink.

I don’t believe that diet soda is healthful for any of us to drink regularly or in large amounts. The first reason is that the sweet taste may tell the brain that sugar is coming and set off your cravings.

Rodale press reports that people who drink 2 diet sodas a day experience a 500% waist expansion. If this is true, it may really affect your feelings about your body shape.

In a population-based cohort study of 451,743 individuals from 10 countries in Europe, greater consumption of total, sugar-sweetened, and artificially sweetened soft drinks was associated with a higher risk of all-cause mortality. Consumption of artificially sweetened soft drinks was positively associated with deaths from circulatory diseases, and sugar-sweetened soft drinks were associated with deaths from digestive diseases.

Nutrasweet and the other sweeteners are often mixed with phosphates and phosphoric acid and some scientists believe they can damage brain cells, increase triglycerides, and accelerate aging.

Harvard School of Public Health suggests that diet soda is linked to obesity and hip fractures in women. They may also destroy healthy gut bacteria, with the possibilities of weight gain, IBS, and Type 2 diabetes.

So, I recommend that you limit your intake of these diet products as much as possible. If you want more information on artificial sweeteners, see the blog dated March 5, 2017.

Realize that most of the diet soda information is not fully proven and is open to debate; no one can be really certain of exactly what is safe and what else may be happening. Be careful of the kinds and amounts of all your beverages, read labels carefully, and try to stick to the beverages God and Mother nature planned for us.

Water is an essential nutrient for all the body’s processes; please do not deprive your body of this essential nutrient. So that is two weeks on water as an essential foodstuff!

I am debating which food groups to discuss next. I will ask you, Please, in the comments, tell me what foods and food issues you want to know more about. I will discuss each one in turn, I promise!

As always, call or email if there is any way I can help you.

Blessings to you,


4 Responses to I Get So Tired of Plain Water – What Else Is There To Drink?

  1. Amanda Bassin September 25, 2019 at 5:48 pm #

    Calcium question? I see that in naturally flavored perrier there is 50 g of calcium for 1.5 Cups–is this actual naturally calcium or added ?

    • H. Theresa Wright October 1, 2019 at 12:38 pm #

      According to my research – Perrier is a sparkling mineral water bottled in Vergèze, France. Perrier is acidic, with a pH around 6, and it contains calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, fluoride, magnesium, nitrate, potassium, sodium, and sulfates. The calcium appears to be natural; the aamount is small though, and you would have to drink a whol lot to meet your calcium needs.

  2. KD September 29, 2019 at 11:38 pm #

    What about ground fall and wheat germ? Why are these good to incorporate into your diet? In OA I was told wheat germ could be counted as a vegetable, what’s up with that? Why? How do you prepare it? Are there any other healthy foods like these to sneak in tour food plan. Im not in OA now but want to do all i can. Also what foods are good for your kidneys/kidney disease? THANK YOU

    • H. Theresa Wright October 1, 2019 at 8:36 pm #

      I cannot know the real reasons why you were told that wheat germ was a vegetable. 2 Tbsp (1/2 oz) have about 52 calories:25% protein, 3.3 grams; 57% carbohydrate, 7.4 grams. It is a great source of minerals, like magnesium, zinc, and iron; and it contains fiber, B vitamins, and omega3 fatty acids. You can toast it and use it as a topping on cereal or yogurt, or use it instead of flour in breading and in many other recipes. I am sorry I cannot comment on food for kidney diseases without more specific information. Best wishes in creating a food plan that works for you; be welcome to call my office if you want more help.

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