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Happy Thursday!

Last Thursday was the day of the summer solstice. What does that mean? It is the time which officially starts astronomical summer as the longest day and shortest night of the year. This happens when the Earth’s North Pole is tilted closest to the sun. It also is the point where the earth is furthest from the Sun in its orbital path. Following this day, daylight hours gradually decrease. So, we on the north are closer to the sun than those in the South. We get longer hours of daylight, some days as much as fifteen hours of daylight.

Why does this matter? And why write a blog about it a week later? We get longer daylight, so what?

The days of the summer solstice are more than a seasonal shift — it also precedes changes and new beginnings. The spiritual meaning of the summer solstice is about looking for and creating balance in your life and mustering up the courage to be the boldest version of yourself. And that does take courage.

It is time to celebrate the sun; this time of year, is an excellent opportunity for changes and new beginnings.

“The summer solstice is a celebration of the return to light, and it so powerfully reminds us of the light within each of us and the full potential of our personal lives and choices, it is about awakening, or reaching enlightenment, as a powerful symbol of renewal and recreation and the ultimate triumph of good over bad, light over darkness.”

Honoring the solstice can remind us just how precious each day and season is, because the truth of its passing away is also acknowledged. (Huff. Post)

This is the time to slow down and enjoy the good things in your life. Summer is the perfect time to be enjoyed; relax, take some time off, find a space or activities you enjoy and have postponed. You worked hard in the dark part of the year. When the fall returns, it will be time to begin again, to set new intentions, to return to our internal work. Now is the time to enjoy sunshine, friends, and laughter, as well as the beautiful natural world.

Here are some things you could do to mark the solstice this year:

  • Spend time in nature: go for a hike or visit a local botanical garden to enjoy the flower displays.
  • Go to the beach, walk by the ocean, enjoy the sun and sand
  • Have a bonfire (in a safe place) with your community or family.
  • Rest, especially in the very hot parts of the afternoon.
  • Celebrate what you have accomplished this year; do a journal post, some step work, or other recovery work you need.
  • Spend time with water, including cooling baths, sprinklers, water parks, or wherever you can access it.
  • Eat local fruits and vegetables that are ripe and in season, ideally from a farmer’s market.
  • Write a letter to powers of your understanding and say thank you for all the good stuff

Enjoy the fruits of the season and celebrate the spiritual side of midsummer!

Go deeper into the spiritual meaning of the summer solstice with a “Guided Summer Solstice Meditation.”

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Now this is Theresa…………..When did you last see me writing about the holiday that has passed a week ago? Why do you think that is?

Well, my friends, it is time for me to begin following my own self care advice; clean up the chaos in my life, get myself organized and taken care of, re-establish the good things that are so easy to let go of and create time to enjoy each day of sunshine and blessings.

Working a long-term recovery program takes time and effort; when we focus too much on the difficult and painful, our usual routine of self care tends to slip. And there will always be times of chaos and uncertainty in our lives.

So that is why this blog is a week late. Too much other stuff intruded. And getting back on track for me means, a new focus on the spiritual connection, more directly asking for support from others, getting appropriate help to solve the real or underlying problem, and cleaning up the mess.

So, I apologize for the late blog; see you on time next week.

Blessings to you,


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