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Wishing you all a joyful holiday, filled with all the things you love the most!

Honestly, it seems like the holidays are creeping up much more rapidly than usual.  I was away at a seminar and came home with a nasty sinus/cold/infection thing, so I did not get the chance to send you the regular suggestions and information.

I apologize. On the next blog page you will find my favorite holiday recipes.  I hope you enjoy them.

What I want to talk about this week is the rest of this year. How do you plan to maintain your food boundaries in this holiday season? The planets have shifted; we had a huge snowfall in Philadelphia this week; the days are shorter and there is less daylight and we are all preparing, in one way or another, for the holiday season.

Remember it is only a few days, about 42, till the beginning of the new year. It’s not forever. How do you really want to use these days? What would you like to accomplish?

Look back; what are you most grateful for this year?

What would give you pleasure?

What would help you move through these days in serenity?

What is the gift you want to give yourself?

Do you need extra support? What kind?

Do you need to solve a problem or make an amend?

What do you need to keep your food plan on track?

What do you need to make these days joyful?

It seems to me that one of the hardest things to do is ask for support. I don’t want to “bother” her, she’s busy. Now honestly, have you ever been annoyed when someone asks you for help? Maybe if it is 30 times a day; maybe if it is someone who refuses your assistance; but in general, most of us are honored when others turn to us for help. So please ask for the help you need from those who have it to give.

For me, it means backing off on some things and spending more time on other things. I want a shift in my life and my practice for the new year. One of the things you will see is more Zoom classes, Instagram and Facebook, and new programs to help you. And the Zoom programs, you can watch from your own home, and not need to go out at night. (Our next Zoom program is November 27 to December 18, to give you more holiday support if you need it; check out the website or call the office to register).

But tell me please, what else would you like? What other programs or support would you like to see or use? Give me your ideas, and issues, and I will be here to help.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

As a special treat, my favorite holiday recipes are in the next blog page.  ENJOY!!

Blessings to you,


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