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Fruit And Fun For All!

This week will begin a series of about four blogs.  They come to you courtesy of my favorite magazine – Nutrition Action Healthletter. This is a magazine published by Center for Science in the Public Interest, so it is not a 12 step publication, but their information is always accurate (except they don’t know about food addiction – yet).  But there are two articles, the first on fruit, that I could not resist sharing with you. So, I wrote to them (actually Cathie did) and today I got permission to share some of their material; it’s wonderful and I hope you enjoy it.

As we all know, fruits are full of nutrients. Some are better than others, but they all taste good and contain many different nutrients. Food addicts need to be careful to eat protein or some other foods with fruit, so that the carbohydrate is not absorbed too quickly, triggering the addiction.  But we still get to enjoy them!

Relatively speaking, fruit is low in calories. One serving is about a cup, about six ounces. Weigh the apples and pears in the grocery to less than 7 ounces then eat the whole fruit. About 15 cherries hold 1 ounce of pit, so weigh or count as you wish. One ounce of dried fruit is a serving, but right now, enjoy the wholeness and wonder of fresh fruit!

And fruits and vegetables help the heart! They have lots of potassium, which lowers blood pressure; and large population studies show that people who eat a lot of fruit have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke!

And they are so easy to eat and delicious! And lots of them are is season right now. So, crunch into an apple, slice some strawberries, put the blueberries in your yogurt or on your oatmeal. If you want to freeze them, freeze them in one layer on a cookie sheet, then when they are frozen, put them in the container.

They are delicious now! Enjoy!

Blessings to you,


(All photos from Pixabay unless otherwise noted)

(Photo by Garget)

Top 5 for FIBER:  Kumquats, Raspberries, Guavas (Pink), Blackberries, Pomegranates

(Photo by filmvarazsstudio)

Top 5 for POTASSIUM: Guavas (pink), Bananas, Dried Apricots, Kiwis (gold or green), dried peaches

(Photo by Koltrein)

Top 5 for VITAMIN C: Guavas (pink), Kiwis (gold or green), Lychees, Papayas, Strawberries

(Photo from Unsplash by fedor)

Top 5 for FOLATE: Guavas (pink), Mangos, Pomegranates, Papayas, Kiwis (gold or green)

(Photo by Jorge Furber)

Top 5 for CAROTENOIDS: Guavas (pink), Watermelons, Papayas, Persimmons, Grapefruits (pink or red)

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