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Hello and welcome to our new website and the first ever Renaissance blog! I am so glad you are here! I intend for this to be an interactive forum for us to discuss all sorts of things about food, eating, and body weight. So please, be welcome to comment and ask questions; I am glad, and really want, to hear from you.

Have you struggled with food, eating, and body weight for most of your life? Have you tried every crazy or new diet or food plan that came to your attention? Some gave the results you wanted in the beginning; some did not; some were hard to follow, some were easy but painful, and none of them gave you the long term results you wanted.

Why is that?

I don’t know for sure, and I don’t know for you, but let me just suggest that I think we are missing the boat in America with food and our eating habits. I believe that these eating problems are the symptom, the cause, or the result of some other problem; and until we identify and fix that other problem, we won’t get long term success.

And the problems are different for some of us. If we apply the right solution for a problem different from the one you have, can you see that we won’t get a good result? It’s like giving you a hand cream designed for eczema when you have an ear infection. Or maybe it is more like giving you a decongestant and a painkiller for your ear infection; it makes the symptom better but does not solve the problem.

Food manufacturers are being very co-operative about inventing good tasting nutrient-free foods and flooding the market with advertisements that make us want them. Sometimes, the foods that you know aren’t good for you are easier to get to than foods that would be better for you.

And our lives have become so busy and chaotic that there does not seem time to prepare a healthy meal, to feed our family well, to even sit down and enjoy our food.

How we help this is simple; we set up a food plan that really works well for you as an individual, then look carefully at what happens next.

What does a really good food plan look like? It fits you like your favorite pair of sneakers. It supports your body, mind and spirit and carries you safely over rough territory. It does not pinch or inhibit you. No, it may not be as fashionable as your favorite pair of dress heels, but that is not its purpose. It is not supposed to make you feel constricted, like a men’s tie that is just too tight. It is not supposed to make you feel bound up like a straitjacket.

A good food plan feels balanced and comfortable. It meets the body’s nutrient needs. It provides enough food that you are hungry for perhaps ten minutes before mealtime and satisfied afterwards. It takes out all the foods that activate your self-destructive eating behaviors and gives you solid, satisfying food instead. It’s not a restrictive diet or a free for all binge. It’s ENOUGH.

It is food sanity. This is the SANE FOOD SOLUTION. It is that safe place halfway between starving and bingeing, where you can find peace. Where you can have enough clarity of mind to solve your real problems and create a life of joy and healing and sanity. That’s what I hope to do with you in these missives. Please join me in this new adventure.

Send me your comments and questions, and I will answer them in future posts.


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