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Food, Fear, and Faith

My life has been really busy these past few weeks, and I have sort of gotten behind.  I apologize that this post is late.

And last week, when I did the magnesium blog, the citations for the various articles were not included.  I want to thank the alert reader for noticing and telling me.  I have added the citations to the blog if you want to see them.

This too, is not my writing.  A dear friend compiled this list of quotations from a variety of 12 step literature.  And I thank Linda S. for letting me share them.  I hope you enjoy them.

Blessings to you,



Faith is the antidote to Fear. Faith in God’s power to perform the miracle of contented sobriety in our lives. (Stools and Bottles, p. 95)

I dare to push past the fear because I want what the AA founders promise, and because I believe them when they say that “half-measures availed us nothing.” (For Today, p. 86)

To do what others expect, so they’ll love me, is to play it safe. As I grow, I become more willing to venture out of my safe cocoon. (For Today, p. 99)

As we grow in faith, self-esteem and trust in our Higher Power, we become capable of doing for ourselves what our anticipations could never achieve: taking appropriate action in any situation. (Courage to Change, p. 150)

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. (Courage to Change, p. 1 72)

So many of the choices I’ve made in my life have been reactions to fear. I do something rash or fruitless in order to put a bandage on the situation, because the one thing I most fear is being afraid. (Courage to Change, p. 305)

To worry is to insult God. When we turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand Him, we are free to live without anxiety. (Food for Thought, January 7 9)

In letting go, what do we have to lose except our own weakness? (Food for Thought, April 3)

Fears that remain are often the result of the self-centeredness which prevents us from turning our lives completely over to God. When we give Him absolute control, we have nothing to fear. (Food for Thought, April 5)

Fear comes from projection. (My mind) leaps ahead, conjuring up all sorts of mishaps and calamities. (For Today, p. 293)

I take a fourth step inventory, skimming the surface at first, then digging deeper. The more honest I am, the more freely I breathe. THIS is what I feared? I want to shout to the world: “Don’t be afraid.” (For Today, p. 299)

I realized that I didn’t know how to feel safe unless I was mentally busy. When I worried, I felt involved, and therefore, somewhat in control. (Courage to Change, p. 248)

Compulsive overeating did an admirable job of helping me bury my fears alive. The OA program excels in helping us deal with our fears. (For Today, p. 196)

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