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So you have tried and struggled with diet after diet after detox and exercise program, and nothing works. And you feel like you just cannot go on like this, but there isn’t anything else that works to do and you’ve had it with your life, you’ve had it with your body shape, and you’ve had it with everything! You just want this problem to go away and you want to stop feeling so crazy about food and everything else in your life!

I understand. Really I do. Many of my clients come to me feeling this way. Now the solution is to stop treating the symptoms and to find and fix the real problem. If you have an ear infection, you may go to your primary care physician or to your ENT. What if that doctor gave you a decongestant and a pain reliever? You would feel better, right? But not really. The infection would still be there. We would have solved the symptoms, but not the problem. The infection will return.

This is what happens with problems with food, eating, and body weight. If we apply the wrong solution, we may get some relief of the symptoms, but we won’t get long-term peace. So it is essential to find the real answer.

I don’t know what the exact right answer is for you. But I have been working with people with problems with food, eating, and body weight for many years, and I want to tell you what I have learned and help you figure out what the truth is for you.

Your food issues could be physical, or mental, or emotional, or spiritual. They could have started early in your childhood, when the grownups were unable to care for you properly. They could have started later in life, at adolescence, in college, after a pregnancy, after a job change. Are you a food addict? I don’t know that, but I will tell you what I believe.

I believe that food addiction is a genetically inherited, physiological glitch in your body’s ability to digest and metabolize certain foods, mostly processed, sweetened, and man-made foods. It’s a weird kind of allergy – when you get some of the food you are sensitive to, your brain gets hijacked and you want more and more. Kind of like the little old lady who is allergic to cats but has eleven.

Most people now understand that addiction is physical, a sensitivity in brain chemistry. Not your fault. Not to be ashamed of. But something you do have to deal with.

There may be others in your family with problems with food or alcohol or other substances. Our society pushes us to eat more of the wrong kinds of foods, and it is hard for everyone not to do that. But … Do you often feel out of control with food or eating? Have you tried to change your food intake repeatedly, without long-term success? Do you often minimize or avoid discussing your problems with others? Do you feel lost and desperate without certain foods?

And if you are a food addict, is there a solution? Yes, absolutely there is. Whether you think you are or are not sure or think you aren’t, take a look with me at a sane food solution. Let’s look at the idea of having enough food to make you feel satisfied and comfortable. Let’s look at eating nutrients, not chemicals. Let’s look at getting the food far enough out of the way that you can create the life you really want.

This is why I created the sane food solution. The summary is here on the website, and in the next blogs I want to go through the parts of it with you.

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