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Fifty Three Days

We are in the beginning of the most unique, precious and special time of the year: the transition to 2022. The veil is thinner, the moon is moving, the planets are in their proper places, but we all know that something different is happening.

We are moving onward, towards a new year and a new life, if we choose it. Take some time here to look back over the past year. What did you accomplish that was good for you or others? What did you say or do that you wish you hadn’t? What are the changes you need to make? What are the amends you need to make? What are the joys you need to cherish?

And how does the food fit into all of this?

If your food has been good, bravo! How do you plan to handle the next 53 days, till it is 2022?

If your food is bad, what is your plan? What do you need?

Please do not give yourself permission to binge or starve or hurt the body in other ways for the next 53 days.

And I have been asking myself what I should do to try to help you, on the next 53 days.

Here is my current answer. If you have a better idea, please call me.

I offer you four superb new programs. They will be recorded if you cannot come at the time of the program. You may take any or all, and there is a discount for early registration and for taking more than one class.

Monday November 22, from 6 pm EST to 8:30 pm EST “DAMAGE CONTROL”. If you are struggling with the food, and want help to get safe and sober, join us.

Tuesday November 23, from 6 pm EST to 8:30 pm EST “PROPER PLANNING, BOUNDARIES, and SELF-CARE”.

Tuesday, December7, from 6 pm EST to 8:30 pm EST  “MORE BOUNDARIES, SELF CARE and HAVING FUN”. How can we best enjoy this holiday without sacrificing our sanity and abstinence?

Tuesday January 4, 2022, from 6 pm EST to 8:30 pm EST “A NEW YEAR!” Planning this year to help you get the life you really want.

Traditional fliers will be up and emailed later this week. The classes are $95 dollars each, with a $25 discount if you take all four. Be welcome to call me at 610-275-3699 to ask a question or reserve your spot.

This new office has made me review and re-evaluate many things. I can see that I will be doing things differently and more effectively in the new year. I hope you will join me.

Blessings to you,


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