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Welcome Fall! Ahh the leaves are starting to change colors and falling, the apples, pumpkins, squashes; this is a time that we all curl up, cuddle in and take a look at our lives. A time when the world seems to sleep.

And now begins the holiday seasons. Whatever spiritual process you follow, whether you have a huge family, a small family, or a family of friends, now is the time we need to think about getting together, meals and food, and eating in different places and different foods as well.

WELL, also come all these lovely allergies, and the colds and flu and other microscopic bugs! I was at a meeting recently when another member blew her nose and then not only put the dirty tissue on the table in front of her, she also used that dirty tissue to wipe the spot at the end of the meeting. All I could think was EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW!

SO, while I am not a germaphobe, I am someone that had to take microbiology to get my degree. Whatever her body wanted out of her nose, I am SURE that my body does not want IN mine! With that being said since it is the holiday season, and many of us get sick at this time of the year, and we really do not want to be sick at this or any other time of year, I wanted to take the time to remind you of some things, in addition to following your food plan.

First and foremost, try to stay healthy by wiping down your counters, doorhandles, etc. with some sort of cleanser; and wash your hands regularly. If you are in an office and see a bottle of hand sanitizer on the counter, indulge yourself and take a squirt. Try to keep your hands off your nose and face. Wash your hands with soap regularly. Say the serenity prayer as you wash, the soap may need a bit of time to collect all the buggies hidden there under your nails!

If this is the time that you are going to make your own chicken rice soup (just in case you get sick) remember that chicken has salmonella and that you need to be careful of what the chicken touches, but also what YOU touch after touching the raw chicken. Before you know it, you may have it all over your kitchen – so be thoughtful. Wash off the counter and the cutting board with soap. Pay attention to where you put that lettuce you just washed. Don’t leave the fruit slices on the counter while you work on the chicken.

At work, take a minute in the middle and the end of the day to wipe off your workspace with an appropriate cleanser. Be careful of touching other people’s things. (Where has that pen been?)

I want you to follow your food plan. Plan it out to get what you need, say no when you must. Think about what you would want in the house just in case you get ill in the next few weeks and pick it up the next time you are at the grocery. And extra tissues! And the kind you can carry with you, too!

If you do get ill, call my office, we can send you a “sick day food plan.”  Basically, if you get ill, or feel like you are getting ill, increase your water. Yes, this can be just water, water with lemon in it, or a cup of soothing hot tea.  The increase in the water will help your body get rid of the bugs quickly. Eat whatever portions of the food plan food you can. If you can not eat your entire lunch at lunch, try again an hour or so later to see if you can get more into your body.  The food is important to give your body what it needs to continue fighting those little bugs and keeping them from multiplying.

And this time of year is supposed to be a time of celebration and joy. Whether you are sick or not, please take time for yourself. Do the things you love and enjoy. Take time for the people you want to be with. Use your mask and little blue gloves with impunity and protect your body as well as your spirit.

Take care of yourself, if you are tired, rest, read a book, pick up a long-lost hobby, do something that soothes your soul.  Take a hot shower or bath, use those Epson Salts, or Vicks VapoRub. Remember that you can always call me, I do 10 minute phone calls for free for situations just like this. Please use me as a support to help get your body what it needs ABSTINENTLY until you are your joyful, healthy self again! And let’s give thanks for the good we see.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Blessings to you,



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