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Efficiently Accomplishing the Unnecessary

Well, the saga of Theresa moving her office continues. We are making great progress. I got rid of more than 20 packing boxes this week. I’ve gone down from four file cabinets to two file cabinets and from four bookcases to two.

I am so grateful that I found an organization that works with foster children and poverty-level children to take the four beautiful tables, made for me twenty years ago. They will use and enjoy them for the children to eat and/or learn and/or play on.

And we have recycled the old electronics and returned a number of items to their rightful owners. And we have found new homes for many other objects.

And I am going through more files, back to 1987, finding good memories. But I often find things I should have done; the books and articles I have not written; the programs I did not pursue because I thought I was not “good enough” or “ready” or I was afraid to put my foot out and ask.

Change, I think is the hardest thing we do. And the old behaviors just pop back into our lives like they are wired in. An easy example: I have had my Honda for three years. The emergency brake is activated by a place on the center console. My Toyota, which I sold three years ago, required me to stomp my left foot on the emergency brake. Do you know that every once in a while, I am stomping the floor to put on the emergency brake? Isn’t that silly? And non-productive? But I still do it.

I think sometimes we do that with food, eating, and body weight. We automatically go back to the old and familiar, when we are distracted, in a hurry, irritable. And other people having seen us eat in one way, question us when we change. And when we go back and forth from one diet to another, they really do not know what to expect, and that gets them irritable.

And when someone we have not seen for a while is astounded at our change in body weight or our looks, it makes us question ourselves and worry whether we should be doing what we are doing.

But let’s look at the important stuff here. Why are we struggling with the food? I bought my new car because I took it in for inspection and a minor problem. My husband came home from work that day and said, “Guess what? We are buying you a new car – this weekend!” “What? Why? I love my Toyota!” Because the auto mechanic called me at work to tell me that what is wrong with your car could make it burst into flames at any moment! He can’t fix it and recommends we get rid of it ASAP!”

So off we went to make this important change.

Food is very different, because we have to decide again and again through the days and nights to do something different from what we usually do. And we have to be clear with ourselves what our new choices and our new plans are going to be. I miss my old car, she served me well. But we each have to consistently make the choices that lead us to the lives we really want. Some choices are harder than others; some are more painful; some are once and done, some go on day after day. But if you are not happy with your life as it is today, please first make the decision to change. And then carefully and thoughtfully put your changes into action. One day at a time.

There are still boxes in my office, and there are no pretty photos yet. But I am sure that this office will be safe and happy for me, and will change my practice in many unique ways. So as I empty these last boxes, and shelve books, I will be asking myself which life they are serving – the old or the new – and taking action accordingly.

If you have any thoughts, beliefs, suggestions, or requests about what I should be doing -teaching – writing – for you, this fall and winter, please comment or email me. My primary goal is and always will be to help you get free of the bondage of food abuse.

Joy and blessings to you,


4 Responses to Efficiently Accomplishing the Unnecessary

  1. Kathryn W October 13, 2021 at 11:32 am #

    Right on, Sister! How many days — years even — have I dreamed of looking different, envisioning myself wearing a certain, age appropriate style of clothing, but utterly and repeatedly failing to commit to doing what I know needs to be done to get there. I know we’re supposed to take one day at a time, but my today always gets in the way of my tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and your wisdom. Good luck with the new car.

    • H. Theresa Wright October 14, 2021 at 1:11 am #

      It is so hard to set aside what feels good now for some future benefit; but if we aim at nothing, we will surely hit it! Thank you – glad you enjoyed the post – if I can help, just call.

  2. Martha Wrigley October 13, 2021 at 2:35 pm #

    What’s your new office address? Phone number the same?

    • H. Theresa Wright October 14, 2021 at 1:08 am #

      Our new address is 401 West Johnson Highway Suite #3 East Norriton, PA 19401. The phone number is the same;
      610-275-3699. It is less than a mile from the other office. Hope to hear from you soon!

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