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Dealing With These Difficult Times And Food Choices

When I see a new client, I often am struck by how sick/sad he/she looks and feels. It often feels almost as if the drug food is helping by taking away some of the pain.

Then as the client moves into a plan that doesn’t include added sugars, refined and overprocessed foods, but does include the right nutrients to support his/her body’s needs, there is a very difficult time I call withdrawal, as the body lets go of the harmful ingredients and repairs and restores itself. I smile at this; it means we are on the right track.

Now it begins. The transformation happens. I can enjoy watching the changes in body, weight, mind, and spirit. This process has been somewhat interrupted for me recently.

The coronavirus and all the upheaval around behaviors has changed so much of our lives and life choices so quickly! My hair cuts and colorings changed. My regular nail appointments changed. The self-care rituals that were standard for me were changed or lost. People who were loved went into the hospital; some came out; some did not and will be mourned for many years.

Quarantine is giving me time to really think about how I choose the things I value. I want to choose my behaviors based on what I want to do, what I think is best for me, what I value, rather than what the “powers that be” decide is best.

And it reinforces my belief that eating high nutrient food, and avoiding over-processed and man-made foods is essential to our transformations. The food we eat literally BECOMES the cells of our hearts and lungs and livers, our bones and muscles and joints, our eyeballs and our brain cells. When we treat the body with disrespect by eating food harmful to the body, we lose the chance to think clearly and make good decisions for ourselves.

Many of my clients talk with me using the word “transformation.” This can have many meanings, and I am sure we all will experience some of them. But the important thing for me is to look closely enough to be sure that the change is the one I want to have in my life.

The food that is right for you may be much more difficult and more expensive now. Is it worth it to you if it means your brain cells will function well, your energy will be high and your feelings will be in control?

Now is the time to draw some food boundaries with those around us. “I don’t eat that food” often is not enough. Here are some thoughts about changing boundaries.

First, think carefully about what you want and need to change. If another person will be affected by the change, talk with them about the changes you need to make or have made. Explain your reasons for making this change.

If you are being hurt by not changing, tell the other person whatever part of the change that seems safe and meaningful for them. Ask specifically for what you need.

Make clear and specific requests, politely.

Plan ahead about how you will handle the situation if the other person refuses. Try to find a way that will not greatly hurt or inconvenience the other person.

Remember that you and I are trying to transform ourselves. What the other people in our lives do with that will vary widely. Stay focused on what will work for you and keep working on it. There may be difficulties and failures; then we need to plan different or more effective changes.

Tell me, what is the most difficult change you have had to make in your recovery? And what changes will our current community situation require of you? How does this affect your eating plan?

Blessings and safety to you,


2 Responses to Dealing With These Difficult Times And Food Choices

  1. Ann Tarbell August 4, 2020 at 2:11 pm #

    I was really struck by your column. Very wise. I will forward it to friends!

    • H. Theresa Wright August 12, 2020 at 12:50 am #

      Please feel free to forward it any where it could help.

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