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Cravings And Changes

So how is it going for you? Did you try a week of weighing and measuring? How was it? Was it easy? Hard? Scary?  And here is my big question:

When you weighed and measured, was it enough?

Did you feel satisfied?

Do you need a change?

I have been faced with changes that need to be made in my life for the last few weeks. Some are personal, some are professional, and some are emotional. They all affect my sense of wellbeing. And some of them are scary. And some, I don’t know how to do, and some I really don’t want to do.

Not that I don’t want the results, mind you, but I may not want to, or know how to do the behaviors that will lead to the changes I want. So, I need to try new behaviors and give them a chance, to see how well they work for me.

Weighing and measuring your food, if you haven’t done it regularly, is a big change. To stop eating the foods you are sensitive to, is probably a bigger change. If you are doing these both at the same time, notice that you will feel a lot of power struggle – from within the body, from within the mind, from your feelings, from other people. Be gentle with yourself, but do not give up.

Each of these has consequences. You may feel cravings; you may feel withdrawal. Feelings from the past may come up; negative experiences from any period of your life may surface. What needs to happen so you can handle these?

I could talk a long time about withdrawal – the anxiety, irritability, shakes, mood swings, and so forth. But for today, just notice that withdrawal is proof that you have a physical sensitivity to some or all of the foods you removed. It means you are doing the right thing.

When you have a craving, move yourself to a food-free spot and ask the craving a simple question: who are you and what do you want? Listen to the answer. What do your body, mind, and spirit need right now? That is, what self-care activity will help?

What do you really need to do here? Do you need to make other changes? Do you need other people to help you? A trusted friend? A person with certain skills?

You may need program help and support. What self-care do you need? You may need a second or third coach. You may need to be calling your trusted people at a prescribed day and time. This way, you know “Janie” is sitting by the phone waiting for your call. No, you are not being a bother. You are giving her the opportunity to help you, to make an impact, and make her own program stronger.

Are the feelings more serious? Do you need a therapist?  A workshop? A retreat?

If your feelings are about holding on to your sense of self while others expect a different result, please consider the workshop we are doing: Vince, Marty, and I, on codependency. This is the hardest topic to look at, one of the most painful, and it will help you greatly. There are many other retreats and workshops and rehabs; look for one that meets your needs.

I want to begin talking about nutrition and your food choices next week, but other related topics will continue to come up. Please comment, call or write and tell me what you think, and ask me your questions. Be welcome to share these blogs with anyone you think they may help. Hope to see you at our retreat in April, please register soon, while there are still spaces!

Have a beautiful March – as the Irish and the friends of St Patrick would say:     “May the most you wish for be the least you get: May the best time you‘ve ever had be the worst you will ever see.” (With thanks to Dear Abby!)

Blessings to you,



Disclaimer:  The opinions presented here do not qualify as medical nutrition therapy, but only as general health, nutrition, and recovery information. For your individual healthcare concerns, please consult a physician. 

2 Responses to Cravings And Changes

  1. Melanie March 20, 2019 at 2:13 pm #

    I needed to read this today – thank you! I truly truly thought I could “handle” a veggie omelet with cheese on Sunday morning as long as I measured the cheese! After all, my abstinence by now must be powerful enough to handle a simple, normal little thing like cheese, right? My addict pounced on that cheesy taste I hadn’t had for months… and I began snacking excessively.on the cheese into Monday night. It was hard, but I had to make myself throw out the half-empty bag late on Monday; I felt bloated and exhausted and depressed and slothful… all those things I haven’t felt from eating for so long. Tuesday I got out in the sunshine and walked for over 4 miles as I did errands I would normally drive to… and I feel so grateful that I had a measured abstinent breakfast this morning & I didn’t miss the cheese. I think my self care yesterday was to move my body, be in the fresh air, feel proud of myself, and to remember I’M ADDICTED TO CHHESE AND ALWAYS WILL BE, so there! I wouldn’t dream of adding some cocaine to my morning omelet, or having a big margarita instead of my coffee, so hopefully I will continue to savor and appreciate – and measure – all the great foods I can enjoy without a painful & immediate return to the misery of my pre-abstinence days.

    • H. Theresa Wright March 21, 2019 at 10:57 pm #

      O I am so glad you wrote! It amazes me how many of us cannot tolerate cheese! Kudos for taking action to get back on track right away.

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