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In last week’s blog, I said, “I know that the way to change my problems with me, or my life, or other people, has only one solution. I need to change.” It is really hard to change me. I have to first DECIDE to change, then I have to CHOOSE to change, then I have to figure out HOW to change, then I have to figure out WHAT change to make first, then I need to cry about it and bemoan my fate. Then, I probably need to get some help to make the change stick, and I have to make the change small enough to be manageable for me.

We are in a time of change right now. Yes, the world situation is awful and needs to change, there are lots of things in the world that I think ought to change, but the change I am talking about right now, is the change of season.

The summer is nearly over, the children are going back to school, and the patterns of our lives will need to change. (“No children” you say?  Ever be stuck behind a school bus? Ever need to change your travel time because of the traffic?)

Fall and winter are coming. Holidays are coming. Changes in our work and play schedules are coming.  I think this is the best time of year to take stock of what you really want in your life. What will you need to add or subtract to help you become the woman or man you want to be?

Please let there be not more than three changes, and let them be small, and maybe not even every day. But let them be changes you really want in your life. For example (here comes your favorite nutritionist) why couldn’t you decide to choose more organic foods at the grocery? Organics are measured to have more nutrients and more antioxidants – good for fighting cancer and heart disease. Toxins like pesticides have been shown to weaken the immune system. Why can you not decide to choose organic and pay a bit more for it whenever it is available? How hard is that, really? And maybe eating a fruit every day, even if you aren’t following the food plan as you should be? Here’s a list of the best and worst – the produce that contains the most and least pesticides, so you can choose what’s best for your family:

Strawberries Sweet Corn
Peaches Pineapple
Apples Mango
Cherries Asparagus
Lettuce Sweet Peas
Grapes Cabbage
Pears Kiwi
Spinach Eggplant
Potatoes Papaya
  Sweet Potato

C’mon, you can try kiwi, even if you never have before! It is really good!

But maybe there is more going on, maybe you need to really work on getting your food back on track. Did the summer set you off? Are you needing more serious recovery support?

Or there are other people who won’t choose to respect your boundaries. Or you are tired of saying no to yourself and feeling deprived. Do you need to prioritize, reorganize, and renew your program?

Maybe the holidays always do you in. Or you struggle with food and family members over the holidays?  Or does all the busyness get you down? Or do you grieve the holidays you wish you had?

You’re welcome to call and talk to me about these issues, and I will be blogging regularly on them till January 2019, but there is new stuff at Renaissance. We are now doing our program by Zoom, so you can see who you’re talking to without leaving home. “SERIOUS RECOVERY SUPPORT” starts September 12 and “SANE HOLIDAYS” starts November 28, so plan to join us if you can. You will be getting fliers soon.

But seriously, make me a list of two or three changes you are committed to making for your recovery. And please comment below. Or comment and follow Renaissance on Facebook!

Blessings to you,



  1. LEONTYNE R STEELE September 8, 2018 at 2:27 pm #

    Thank you very much. I find you posts very helpful.

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