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What to Say When You are Stressed

Hello and welcome to the first June blog. I want to start again with some good news, and some other news… The good news; Please help me welcome our new secretary, Molly. She just started on Monday and (yay!) she is really good on the computer! So hopefully my writings will be more regular and […]

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Food and Stress

I started a blog for you last weekend. I had a really good idea and half the blog flowed out, then I was called away, and the next time I had time to get back here was nine days later! And I just spent a full half hour looking for the blog I started more […]

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A Double Blog

My apologies, friends, for missing TWO WEEKS of Blogs! First, there was a surprise trip to see the Eclipse; then there was a whole group of chaos-es, and finally, I must report, that the first draft of my book “The Sane Food Solution” went off for revision. The eclipse was wonderful; my husband and I […]

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Weighing and Measuring Part 2

So how is it going for you? Did you try a week of weighing and measuring? How was it? Was it easy? Hard? Scary?  And here is my big question: When you weighed and measured, was it enough? Did you feel satisfied? Do you need a change? We may not want to, or know how […]

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Managing The Food

Last week I promised to start talking about the food itself more, as that is a really hard topic for most of us. All of us have different tolerances, preferences, and goals. We all need our own food plans that work for our bodies, minds, and spirits. So, let’s begin with generalities here and then […]

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Last blog, we talked about stress: how hard it is to manage and how stressful our lives have become. I gave you some suggestions about managing stress, and this week I want to talk about taking care of ourselves. Self-care is not Selfish! Self-care means taking the time to meet our own needs, hopefully without […]

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Hello. Thanks for opening this Blog. I have struggled for some time on what to write for these blogs, and the last two weeks have been no exception. The stress level in my life has been just enormous and I have struggled to keep on top of everything that needs to be done. So, a […]

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The Second Half of January

An Interesting Notice Dr Lustig will be speaking at Ocean County Library on January 30, at 2 PM.  Here is the notice which allows for virtual reservations: His topic is The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, and Modern Medicine: An Author Talk with Dr. Robert Lustig   The Second Half of […]

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NOW WHAT? Happy New Year! I hope this season of celebration has brought you great joy and wonder, and the sense of being loved and having your rightful place in the world. The tsunami of gifts, and parties, and difficult-to handle foods is now ending and we can hopefully get back to our usual, normal […]

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SANITY WILL SOON RETURN!!! LET’S PREPARE FOR THE TURNING!!! Today is December 28. In four more days, the tornado will have passed. All we need to do is manage these four days and then sanity will hopefully return to our lives. This is a cosmic shift that happens every year at this time. It is […]

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