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Efficiently Accomplishing the Unnecessary

Well, the saga of Theresa moving her office continues. We are making great progress. I got rid of more than 20 packing boxes this week. I’ve gone down from four file cabinets to two file cabinets and from four bookcases to two. I am so grateful that I found an organization that works with foster […]

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The Late, Great Blog!

My apologies for missing your usual Tuesday morning reading. The week has been very busy, with the number of books and files to be sorted and placed in my new office.  I started seeing clients in the new space – virtually only, of course – and it felt really good. One wall of my office […]

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The Moving Story and Vegetables

Today was the first day I saw clients from my new office! We still have lots of boxes to empty, pictures to hang, and Comcast to handle, but things are coming along well. I am so grateful for the help of my fantastic project manager husband, my creative and clever daughter, and my son and […]

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Making Progress

Well, we are mostly moved into the new office. It is so painful to make these big changes, even when we know they are absolutely necessary and know that the Universe demands it. But it is still scary. It took three days to get the phones properly hooked up, completion hopefully today. Now I have […]

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The Fateful Day

Sometimes, change is quite easy and pleasant. Other times it is difficult to expensive to terrifying. The movers are here today, Tuesday, as I write this, to the office I have loved for sixteen years. I could not have imagined the intensity of my feelings as I sorted packed and tossed an office worth of […]

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Dealing With Difficult Stuff

I told you last week that I am moving my office in the next two weeks. Some might say I shouldn’t talk to you about MY problems, but I am amazed at how closely my problems with this move mimic some things you have told me. So let me share a couple of principles I […]

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Just My Opinion

A client sent me a lovely article but we cannot figure out where it came from. I want to share some of the ideas with you, because I think they are so important. If you have a suggestion where they might have come from, please let me know. The author’s words are italicized But here […]

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What is Bodequality?

There is some big news for those of us who like Gap and Old Navy style clothes. The company is beginning a BODEQUALITY program! It means to me that our value as women is no longer to be determined by the size clothing we wear. Let me explain. On Thursday, and today, there were major […]

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News Flash! Changes at Renaissance!!

Ok, grab a cup of tea if you dare…. In July, our secretary Jennifer moved to Florida. This, with a husband and four children, is a lot of work! A company that will not be named has an employee who did not know how to work the computer to get Jen and the Renaissance phonelines […]

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What Are You Saying?

If you know me well, you have probably heard me say this before, but I need to say it again today. What you think and say in your mind (and out loud) has a major effect on what happens in your life. The Course in Miracles says that the body is given to the mind […]

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