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Three Powerful Recent Articles

I wanted to write more about cravings today, but I found these three articles I need to share with you. The first article (reprinted below) is a commentary that is usually written by physicians. This one is written by a chief of Gastroenterology.  High fructose corn syrup (a form of fructose), he says, has been […]

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An article in my favorite nutrition magazine really aggravated me this week. Turns out there is a new energizing frozen coffee for sale.” The perfect way to cool off”.  It is made from a blend of water, light cream, liquid cane sugar (sugar, water, and potassium sorbate) and coffee swirl syrup. This is made of […]

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Real Life Recovery

You are made of body, mind, and spirit. You may love it, like it, feel neutral about it, or dislike it, but your body is the home in which you live this lifetime. Your mind is the power with which you walk through this life. Your spirit is the part that is really you. Food […]

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The Hardest Part Of Recovery

I was really struggling with what to write for this week’s blog; then the next client came in and I asked her. Her answer was immediate and definite: “Spirituality,” she said, “that is the hardest part for all of us.” I was astonished by her answer because of what I knew of her life. But […]

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Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

Have you ever felt like you just can’t take any more? The food is out of control, the boss wants more than you can give, your mother in law is enraged with you, and the dog just chewed up your favorite shoes? Meanwhile, your mind is whirling a thousand miles a minute with the negative […]

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What Is It That You Really Want?

I spent three days in Phoenix last week at a meeting, and then I flew home late Thursday night so I could lead a retreat at the shore. The program I attended was excellent, but I had to leave halfway through. The retreat went really well, I think, and I enjoyed it. I think the […]

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What Are You Thinking?

One of the things I notice most powerfully in my life and the lives of others, is that what we think about, how we allow our brains to ramble and obsess and criticize and judge, affects abstinence, as well as peace of mind. What ever I focus most strongly on, is drawn into my life. […]

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Cravings And Changes

So how is it going for you? Did you try a week of weighing and measuring? How was it? Was it easy? Hard? Scary?  And here is my big question: When you weighed and measured, was it enough? Did you feel satisfied? Do you need a change? I have been faced with changes that need […]

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