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So, it is now mid-January. How are you doing? Does it feel great to have the holidays behind us, or do you miss the fun? Do you feel proud of what you did with your food or do you feel sad and disappointed? And what about your own goals for the new year? Are they […]

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Welcome to the first of my blogs from the new decade! I am so grateful to be here with you in this special and precious new year. You who have worked with me for some time already know that I had a childhood that was difficult and painful to me. Going away to college was […]

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Happy Halfway!!

As you read this, (I know it is the first thing you do every Tuesday morning!) it will be December 17  -– four days till the winter solstice, five days till Hanukkah begins, eight days till Christmas, nine days till Kwanza begins, and fourteen days till all this ends. It seems so very long and […]

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It’s Christmas Already?!?!

My daughter brought to my attention an article published in my local newspaper (The Times Herald), by Laura Catalano, entitled “Sneak Attacks and the Holidays.” She talks about how in childhood, she and her brother would play a game in which they tried to scare each other, by jumping out from behind a door, etc. […]

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Winter Holidays – One Down, Four To Go

OKAY! So, we have passed one holiday season milestone. Did you survive it with your program and food plan intact? Think about this for a minute: what worked? What helped you? What made you struggle??What do you need to do for next time? Maybe write that in a journal near that date. If you struggled, […]

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You made it through Thanksgiving! No matter if you stayed on your food plan, or ate everything that was not nailed to the floor, YOU MADE IT!  Now, let’s look ahead.  We can not change yesterday and the only time in the future that we have control over is this moment.  SO, let’s start!  In […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hello! If the computer ELVES worked properly, I am the first to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Now I know that some of you are dreading today.  I am here to tell you that you have one, if not many choices today. I support you no matter what choices you make – no matter what!  […]

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Thanksgiving SUCKS!

My daughter hijacked my computer and wrote this blog for you – hope you enjoy it! OK, so in my personal opinion Thanksgiving SUCKS!  It is still two days away. Are you ready? I am not. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done. I have notes […]

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